A Step-by-step Guide To Buy Property In Avcılar Istanbul

Project Type
Green FocusReady To MoveWith Balcony

Ebruli HausModern Residential Complex With A Beautiful View In Avcılar Istanbul

Total Units 724
Delivery Date Ready To Move
41168 m2
City CenterFamily ConceptGreen Focus

Evler HausLuxury Residential Complex with Beautiful Greenery in Avcilar Istanbul

Avcilar /Istanbul
Total Units 145
Delivery Date 2024
15000 m2
1,120,000 USD
Easy AccessFamily ConceptReady To Move

Avcılar HausNearby to sea and Metrobus Apartment for sale in Avcilar Istanbul

Total Units 182
Delivery Date Ready To Move
10000 m2
1,120,000 USD
565,000 USD
Family ConceptReady To MoveWith Balcony

19 HausAffordable Family Living Residence in Istanbul

Total Units 148
Delivery Date Ready to Move
11000 m2
565,000 USD
782,000 USD
City CenterFamily ConceptReady To Move

Firuze HausLake View Luxury Apartments in Istanbul

Total Units 523
Delivery Date Ready to move
Apartment, Store
28050 m2
782,000 USD
299,000 USD
High Capital GrowthHigh Rental Income

Compress istanbulCompress istanbul, Stunning apartment for sale in avcilar

Total Units 269
Delivery Date December 2020
Apartment, Store
9600 m2
299,000 USD

A step-by-step guide to buy property in Avcılar

Avcılar is one of the 39 districts of Istanbul located in the European part. This region borders different regions such as Esenyurt and Beylikdüzü. People who intend to buy property in Avcılar should know that this region has a coastline surrounded by magnificent amenities such as cafes, restaurants, walking paths, etc. In this region of ​​Istanbul, there is a famous street called Marmara Jadsi, the floor of this street is cobblestone, and is one of the most expensive streets to buy property in Avcılar. This street is full of stylish and modern malls, clothes shops, jewelry shops, watch shops, etc., which continues to the end of the beach.

Also, one of the best university campuses in Istanbul is in the Avcılar district, where branches such as technical management, engineering, and veterinary medicine teach there. One of the distinctive features of this region is the historical architecture from the Ottoman period. Avcılar has a unique environment that includes a sea, lake, and nature, which is an important factor for some people who intend to buy property in Avcılar. Also, numerous historical monuments are other features of Avcılar.

Information you should know before buy property in Avcılar.

This region, due to its exceptional and strategic location for defending Istanbul is noticeable. In the east of Avcılar, there is a bridge that connects the city center to the western parts of Istanbul. Therefore, during different periods, especially the Ottomans, transferred extensive equipment to this area to prepare Avcılar to deal with any possible attack.

History of Avcılar

In the past, Avcılar was a village where Armenians, as well as Romans, lived. This area was full of capitalists whose population was increasing day by day. These rich people used to hold a hunting festival in Avcılar, which is the reason for the name of this region because Avcılar means hunter in Turkish. In ancient times, there was only one village in this area, which slowly prospered and the number of residential houses increased day by day. Avcılar region became an independent region on June 3, 1992, with the approval of Law No. 3806, and was allowed to have its municipality.

The population of this area of ​​Istanbul is about 500,000 people based on the latest censuses published by the Avcılar Census and Citizenship Department in 2019. This area is considered to be one of the densest areas of Istanbul compared to others.

The word Avcılar in Turkish means fisherman or hunter. This word is attributed to the fishermen and hunters who lived in Avcılar and looked after the villages and farms. Maybe this name originates from those who lived in Avcılar and used to fish because of its special location on the coastline of Küçükçekmece Lake and the Sea of Marmara.

This might be important for people who intend to buy property in the Avcılar region to know that this area is connected to the center of Istanbul by a bridge. This has made Avcılar a strategic, sensitive, and important place for the defense of the city throughout the history of Istanbul. That is why the name Avcılar has long been associated with the names of important battles. This area is where the Ottoman Empire forces were eager to equip Avcılar as one of the defense barriers against enemy attacks.

After that, Avcılar received more attention due to being on the Istanbul-Europe road. Some historical architectures from the time of the Ottoman Empire still exist in Avcılar. Among these is the Royal Fishing Guest House, which has a long history.

Geographical location and accessibility of Avcılar

This region is located on the left side of Istanbul on the map and borders the following areas:

From the east: Küçükçekmece Lake and its surroundings.

From the north: Başakşehir area.

From the west: Beylikdüzü region and Esenyurt region.

From the south: overlooking the Sea of ​​Marmara.
But the residential part of Avcılar is in the southern and western sections, while the northern part is the vast agricultural land, which is in the east on the shores of Küçükçekmece Lake.

The D-100 and E-5 highways both cross the borders of this area and establish an important communication route with the central part of Istanbul and other surrounding areas. This area is about twenty-five kilometers from Taksim Square in the center of Istanbul. In Avcılar, you can reach the city center by using public transportation such as Metrobus even during the peak hours of rush hour and traffic.

Avcılar amenities

Avcılar has excellent educational facilities. There are about 30 public and private schools in Avcılar, including elementary, middle, kindergarten, and high school. 20 public hospitals and clinics and 5 private hospitals with a capacity of more than 300 beds can be mentioned among the healthcare services of this region. It can be said that there is at least one small or large health center in every neighborhood of Avcılar.


Avcılar region in the big city of Istanbul is known as one of the vital areas of Istanbul mainly due to its high population density and its exceptional geographical location. Also, the prices of Avcılar houses and lands are high due to its nature, and the population living in that middle cultural stratum. For this reason, sometimes some people are looking to buy a villa in Avcılar. Assuredly, the right and well-thought-out investment by buying houses and land can bring a huge profit for investors an provide a suitable environment for investment.

Many people who want to invest in this area by buying an apartment in Avcılar, because of the large number of universities and important educational centers in Avcılar, invest in commercial real estate. Some other people invest in lower-priced apartments for student housing.

Also, investing in the areas that are adjacent to the Istanbul Canal project will provide a good opportunity to increase capital as the end of the project approaches.

The price of apartments in this area has increased by about 3% compared to the last month, and this has made many property owners think of selling their houses in the coming months to get a good profit. The average house price per square meter in Avcılar is about 3,500 liras, which means that if you plan to buy a 100-meter apartment in Avcılar, you should have a budget of about 3 million liras in mind.

It should be noted that the price of different properties depends on various factors, including the amenities of apartments and residences.

In general, the cost of apartments and houses in the center of this region and around the sea and lake is higher than in other neighborhoods. You have to pay more to live in this area, but there are still cheaper options to buy.