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Property Management in Turkey

Guide to Property Management in Turkey for Buyers

Reselling and renting Property in Istanbul

If you are interested in reselling your property in Istanbul, you can contact us for help. We are one of the most popular agents with roughly 6 years of experience in dealing with properties and Property Management in Turkey.

What is the cost of reselling the property?

If the property is owned for more than 5 years, you do not need to pay any income taxes. We will just bill you for the estate agent fees for completing the entire process. The other costs such as paying the bills have to be borne by yourself.

Process for Property Resale and Property Management in Turkey

  1. We need to check all the necessary documents associated with your flat or house that includes the title deed and the habitation certificate. When you are reselling the property, there should not be any mortgage loan attached to it so that the land registry office can pass the resale transaction. Further, taxes should be updated and there should not be any unpaid amount of bank finance and mortgage loan.
  2. We use to physically verify the property in order to provide an accurate resale value. We also help you with making your home fully ready for sale by doing all the maintenance and paintings when needed and the whole process of Property Management in Turkey.

If you want to know more about property resale in Istanbul and Property Management in Turkey, you can contact our sales agent. Otherwise, you can send scan copies of your title deed, pictures, etc via email.

  1. When you come to an agreement with us for reselling the property, we will post photos of your property on our website for sale. You need to be present when some buyer wants to visit your property for a view. This can sometimes happen all of a sudden. If you are not living in Turkey at the time of the buyer trip, you can hand over the keys to a trusted person whom we can get it to touch with.
  2. When a buyer wishes to purchase the property, we will make all the arrangements and keep you informed throughout the process that includes getting the deposit and signing the title deeds.
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