Project Type
705,000 USD
ЛюксМожно въезжатьТранспортная доступность

Sky HausUltra-luxury Apartment With Unique Architecture In Sariyer Istanbul

Sariyer /Istanbul
Total Units 1008
Delivery Date Ready To Move
705,000 USD
Government GuaranteeGreen FocusДля всей семьи

Riva HausLuxury villa near the sea in the heart of the forest, Beykoz area

Total Units 1400
Delivery Date December Of 2021
1157000 m2
167,000 USD
EconomicС видом на мореТранспортная доступность
5707 m2
167,000 USD

Sky Haus

Total Units
Delivery Date
Для всей семьиИнвестицииТранспортная доступность
54300 m2
1,120,000 USD
Для всей семьиЛюксМожно въезжать

Koru HAUSРоскошная квартира с зеленой отделкой на продажу в Ускюдар Стамбул

Total Units 196
Delivery Date Готовность к переезду
1,120,000 USD
700,000 USD
Для всей семьиС видом на лесТранспортная доступность

Çamli HAUSЖилые блоки в сердце природы в Вади Стамбул

Total Units 919
Delivery Date Готов к переезду
700,000 USD
745,000 USD
Высокий доход от арендыИнвестиции


Total Units 35
Delivery Date 1 декабря 2019 г.
745,000 USD

Property for Sale in Turkey

This strategically positioned Middle Eastern nation, officially known as the Republic of Turkey, has a long history, a thriving culture, stunning architecture, and fantastic investment prospects. The Turkey Citizenship by Investment program may be your best option if you want to become a citizen of Turkey. This investment program, which was established in 2017, grants people citizenship in exchange for making a real estate investment in Turkey.

Foreign investors seeking Turkish citizenship typically apply through the real estate investment route due to the decrease in cost. One of the most alluring citizenship by investment programs in the world, the minimum qualifying amount for purchasing property for sale in Turkey is $400,000 plus costs.

Property in Turkey and Citizenship

One of the cheapest and quickest ways to gain a second passport is by investing in real estate in Turkey.

Investors who purchase real estate worth $400,000 or more are qualified to seek Turkish citizenship. Normally, the passport is issued 6 to 8 months following the application. This choice is preferred by 95% of investors because of its relatively high rental yield and rising property costs.

Different Cities in Turkey and Property for Sale

The most famous and well-known city is Istanbul, situated between Asia and Europe in northwest Turkey and the Marmara region. Istanbul, the biggest and most populated city in Turkey, is known for its beautiful natural surroundings, rich history, and modern architecture. As a result, it is a great place for immigrants to dwell.


Ankara is a nice place to purchase real estate, especially for those looking to invest in Turkey. Another benefit of living in Ankara is that buying a home is less expensive than in other cities.

Ankara is the greatest choice if you want to start a business or seek industrial and commercial opportunities. This city is very safe and ideal for launching a business while residing in Turkey.


Southwest Turkey, between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, is where Antalya is situated. Most days are sunny in the largest city on the Mediterranean coast. One of Turkey's tourist destinations is Antalya.

The price per square meter for the property in Antalya is 4100 Lira.


It is the third-largest city in Turkey and is situated on the western coast of the Aegean Sea. Izmir is a fantastic alternative for purchasing real estate in Turkey if you're trying to escape the noise and bustle of Istanbul and are looking for quiet. One of Turkey's cities with a rich historical legacy is Izmir. There are 13 industrial towns and 2 free trade zones there. In Izmir, businesses engaged in import and export are particularly active investors.

Cost of purchasing a home in Izmir

Statistics show that roughly 8,000 houses in Izmir have been sold to foreigners in recent years. In Izmir, the cost per square meter is 3569 lira.


One of Turkey's wealthiest border cities is Van, located in the east. The city has significant historical value as well. Compared to Istanbul and Izmir, food prices are substantially lower here.

the cost of purchasing a home in Van

The cost per meter begins at 2000 lire and goes up to 5000 lire. Remember that the purchased property must be worth at least $400,000 to qualify for permanent residence in Turkey.

Different Types of Properties in Turkey to Buy

Houses for sale in Turkey 

Turkey's real estate sector has recently experienced considerable rise and growth. Despite all the challenging circumstances the Turkish economy faced, this expansion persisted. There are numerous properties in Turkey with distinct shapes and sizes, reflecting the ongoing and constant need for real estate. Because there is such a wide variety of real estate kinds, there has been an increase in foreign investment in the Turkish real estate market due to this issue.

Apartment for sale in Turkey 

They are apartments in buildings over 20 years old, the cost of which is influenced by the building's age, location, and view.

Due to their affordable prices and suitability for most budgets, this type of Turkish property gives foreign investors and individuals looking to buy a house in Turkey more options.

Due to the property's age, reduce the price by 10% to 30%.

The typical size of a studio apartment is 60 square meters, and it has one bedroom connected to the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Because it only permits one or two people at maximum, it is appropriate for the group of young or single workers.

Villas for sale in Turkey

Naturally, villas are very popular among foreigners wishing to purchase real estate in Turkey. Even on the Turkish Riviera, you could buy a separate four-bedroom home with a private pool for as little as £130,000. A Turkish villa can be the ideal home you've been looking for if you want extra solitude, off-road parking, and lots of room for the whole family. While some villas are built on private property, others are situated on communal grounds, which can be great for making new friends.

Residence /Residential complex /Condo for sale in Turkey

Turkish residency by investment requires a minimum of $75,000 investment. The residency permit is valid for one year following the acquisition of the property, and it is then renewed for another five years. Even though foreigners can purchase property in Turkey, if it is not state-owned, a real estate expert is required.

Are There Any Affordable Properties in Turkey for Sale?

You can buy an inexpensive apartment or villa in any place to suit your lifestyle. The Mediterranean and Aegean shores offer several places to live, from trendy cities to tranquil villages. Some owners underprice their homes to sell quickly. Sign up for our newsletter to learn about our discounted properties.

Otherwise, some regions are better for affordable homes. Bursa is Turkey's newest market, and underdevelopment has kept apartment prices cheap. Bursa is a place to watch as its real estate and tourist industries catch up to other Turkish cities. The European side of Istanbul is developing rapidly with huge, all-inclusive complexes dominating the market. Beylikduzu, Avcilar, and Kucukcekmece are outside the city center, but ongoing development offers long-term investment potential.

Property for Sale in Turkey by Owners

Before signing on the dotted line, perform thorough market research if you're looking at Turkish real estate for sale by owners. The resale market has some wonderful villas and apartments for sale in numerous locations, but homebuyers should steer clear of other homes for excellent reasons. Contact us right away to request a portfolio of properties for sale by the owner or to have a conversation with us about this segment of Turkey's real estate market.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying a Property in Istanbul, Turkey

Is That Reasonable to Buy a Property in Turkey?
Yes, of course. Buying a property in Turkey brings you many benefits. You can buy a property for investment or family life in Turkey. The prices are suitable for the facilities provided to you. This country is progressing and is a convincing place for your children's education, work, and life.
Can You Get a Turkish Residency If You Buy a Property in Turkey?
Currently, and according to the current law, at the beginning of 2023, you can get a one-year renewable residency by buying a property worth at least $75,000. And get Turkish citizenship and a passport by purchasing a property worth at least $400,000.
Can a Foreigner Buy a Property in Turkey?
According to the current Turkish law, at the beginning of 2023, this is possible, and all foreigners who are allowed to enter Turkey can buy property in this country.