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HAUSBIZ is an international property portal in Turkey that helps foreign investors invest in and purchase property in Turkey. We operate with efficiency and for the sole purpose of insuring that our clients reach the finest projects in the right locations for the best prices. Turkey's strategic and breath-taking location makes for a rapidly growing global real estate market. With HAUSBIZ on your side, you will have a leading team of experts to help you actualize your dream of owning and investing in Turkey with the lowest risk and highest reward.

HAUSBIZ advocates on your behalf and ensures that all your questions are answered. We understand the complexities and the obstacles that arise when purchasing real estate in Turkey, especially for foreign investors.That is why we will help facilitate and simplify the bureaucratic aspect of the process by solving any problems that may accompany you in investing in this foreign country. We offer you our full dedication and expertise to make sure you always make the smartest decision when investing in real estate in Turkey. Our services extend beyond helping you with buying and moving; we also provide excellent property management with noticeable advantages over other real-estate agencies in Turkey.

We know all difficulties with buying and choosing the right real estate properties in Turkey and obtaining the residency and citizenship. By our professional lawyers the process of getting residency permit and citizenship by buying property for sale in Turkey will get simplified as much as possible. We initiate (make the application) and follow all the procedure on behalf of either buyers and investors.

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