Buy Property In Umraniye Istanbul And It's Benefits

Project Type
187,671 USD
Forrest ViewGreen FocusLuxury

Gokorman HausGreen Luxury Apartments with Forest View in Umraniye Istanbul

Total Units 426
Delivery Date Ready To Move
187,671 USD
1,797,237 USD
Easy AccessGreen Focus
27000 m2
1,797,237 USD
699,000 USD
Easy AccessFamily ConceptInvestment

Nova HausLuxurious and ideal residence in Umraniye-Ataşhir for Investment

Total Units 252
Delivery Date April 2021
3000 m2
699,000 USD

Buy property in Umraniye

Nowadays, we see a lot of ads for buy property in Umraniye on social media, but what points should we follow before choosing and buy property in Umraniye? If you are looking for a property in the Asian part of Istanbul, Umraniye is probably one of your options. Due to the growth and development of this region, even with the existence of various houses and apartments for residence and investment, many people prefer to start their investment in the Asian part of Istanbul by buy property in Umraniye.

Umraniye, one of the 39 districts of Istanbul, is located west of the Asian part of Istanbul. This region does not have beach or sea transportation facilities, but it has proper infrastructure such as public transportation.

Golden information for buying property in Umraniye

Umraniye was a small and undeveloped area in the past, but with the passage of time and the growth of the city of Istanbul, so did this region. This region borders Beykoz, Sancaktepe, Çekmeköy, Ataşehir, and Üsküdar. Also, due to its proximity to the Bosphorus Strait, many amenities are available for the people of this region.

Umraniye history

This region, at first, was a village with a population of fewer than 900 people, but with the migration of people and the purchase of properties started to grow and develop. After continuous progress, in 1985 this region was separated from the Üsküdar region, and Umraniye municipality was established this year.


Umraniye is the fourth most populated region of ​​Istanbul and after Pendik it is the second most populated region in the Asian part of Istanbul. According to the latest statistics in 2020, the approximate population of this region is more than 700,000. About 150,000 people of Umraniye are between 0 and 14 years old, which has reduced the average age of this region to about 33 years. It should be mentioned that the population of men and women in this region is equal and about 70% of the population above 18 years are married.

Umraniye amenities

Plus the increase in the population in this region, the needs of the people also grew, for this purpose, many shopping centers have been built in this region, the most famous of which are Ken Park, Büyüka and Akaya Park, and Metergarden. Also, among the tourist places of this region, we can mention Umraniye forests and Efendi Mosque. This region has about 38 neighborhoods, the most famous of which are Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Atatürk. In terms of coverage of medical services, this region can respond to any need in the health field with several hospitals, including the specialized brain hospital and Hissar Intercontinental Hospital, and several specialized clinics.

Is buying a property in Umraniye a good investment?

After the increase in immigration to Umraniye from the European parts of Istanbul, the demand for buying properties in Umraniye increased. Also, despite the massive construction, some people are looking to buy a villa in Omraniyeh. With the approval of the new rules for obtaining permanent residence in Turkey, a new process of transferring capital to Turkey and especially to Istanbul has started, the result of which can be seen in an increase in the purchase of properties in Istanbul. Therefore, despite this trend of increasing investment demand in Istanbul, even buying an apartment in Umraniye, can bring you profit in the long run. At the same time that many people tried to buy property in Umraniye, many people who tried to sell properties in the Umraniye region during this period missed the unique investment opportunity.

According to official reports, the average price per square meter of a house in Umraniye was about $533 in October 2020, and after 12 months and in October 2021, this number reached nearly $700. This trend was unprecedented in this region in the last few years, which even increased the price of buying a villa in Umraniye.

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