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Esenyurt District in Istanbul

all about Esenyurt district in Istanbul

Everything You Need to Know About Esenyurt district istanbul Before Buying Real Estate in Istanbul

Where the Esenyurt district istanbul is Located?
Esenyurt, a famous district of Istanbul Province that belongs to a metropolitan municipality of the city. It is situated on the European part of the city and shares its borders with Avcılar district and Lake Küçükçekmece on the eastern part; Büyükçekmece on the western region; Başakşehir, Arnavutköy and TEM road on the northern region; and Beylikdüzü and E-5 motorway on the southern portion. Its municipality exists since 1989 and its total area is 2.770 hectares.

Social Facilities of Esenyurt district istanbul

Esenyurt district istanbul underwent major development in the last few years since huge residential complexes started coming up in the region. The district accommodates four cultural centers, including Esenyurt Cultural Centre, Saadetdere Cultural Centre, Yenikent Cultural Centre and Yunus Balta Cultural Centre. It also includes four parks, namely, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Park, Şehitler Park, Gaziler Park and Kadir Topbaş Park; all part of the residential complexes.

Esenyurt's residential area gained attraction owing to the existence of newly built properties which are available at lower prices compared to the centre of Istanbul. The University of Istanbul Esenyurt is located in the district, which shares its proximity with other famous universities such as Beykent, Fatih, Istanbul Arel, Istanbul and Istanbul Gelişim Universities. The district also has TUYAP Exhibition and Conference Centre which is located just 5 km from the famous location of Esenyurt center and 26 km from the Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Instead of individual shops, there are many shopping centers along the roads. Esenyurt has mainly three shopping complexes, including Eskule Shopping Centre, Torium Shopping Centre and Akbatı AVM.

Esenyurt district istanbul Transportation

Esenyurt district istanbul is expected to attract huge scale of investments in near term, particularly in the transportation sector. The development of transportation is expected to take place near D100 and TEM highways and its associated roads because they are easily accessible from all parts of the city. Hence, some major real estate brands are showing interest for mega projects in these areas.

Real Estate Status in Esenyurt district istanbul

Esenyurt district istanbul has caught attention of many renowned real estate investors in Turkey. As a result, some major real estate projects are expected to see daylight in the region. 

Esenyurt district istanbul population is mainly comprised of youth due to the presence of Istanbul University and the University of Esenyurt. It is for this reason, there is a strong demand for 1 + 0, 1 + 1 and 1 + 2 apartments by young people who are mainly students.

Malls of Esenyurt district istanbul

The shopping malls of Istanbul located in Esenyurt district istanbul are as below:

1Autopia Otomobil Alışveriş MerkeziKıraç Namık Kemal Mah. Adnan Kahveci Bulvarı No: 134513 Esenyurt - İ
2Veneris AVMGüzelyurt Mah. 38. Sk. No: 1/5 Esenyurt - İ
3Marmara ParkMevlana Mah. Çelebi Mehmet Cad. No:33/A, Esenyurt, İstanbul

Universities of Esenyurt district istanbul

NO.NameAddressWebsitePhone Number
2Fatih ÜniversitesiFatih Üniversitesi Büyükçekmece Kampüsü Esenyurt

Hospitals of Esenyurt district istanbul

NO.NameAddressWebsitePhone Number
1Doga HospitalAkşemseddin Mahallesi, Doğan Araslı Blv. No:4, 34510 Esenyurt/İstanbul
2ESENYURT DEVLET HASTANESİ HALE İSHAKOĞLU EK BİNASIİnönü, Sıdıka Cebecioğlu Sk. No:10, 34510 Esenyurt/İstanbul +902126205202
3İstinye Üniversite HospitalAşık Veysel Mah, Süleyman Demirel Cd. No:1, 34517 Esenyurt/İstanbul

Esenyurt district istanbul map

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