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In the following, you will get to know all the points you need to know about Property for Sale in Esenyurt District in Istanbul Turkey. The Esenyurt District of Istanbul is considered one of the cheap areas to buy apartments and houses in Istanbul. The reasonable price of a property in Istanbul has made many investors and immigrants purchase property in this district to obtain Turkish residence and passports.

With modern commercial and residential complexes, proximity to most of Istanbul's European areas, reasonable prices, and convenient amenities, Esenyurt District is a great place to invest and buy properties.

Easy and fast access to transportation, Istanbul hospitals, amenities and entertainment facilities, schools, large parks with all the facilities, easy access to D-100, TEM, and E5 highways, and easy access to markets, banks, shopping centers, and numerous stores have attracted investors and immigrants to the city. check here for properties for sale in Istanbul.

Education Status of Esenyurt

    • University10%
    • High School15%
    • Secondary School25%
    • Primary School17%
    • Illiterate32%

    Advantages of Buying a House in Esenyurt District

    Esenyurt District is one of the districts that we recommend to our customers when buying a property in Istanbul. This district, just like the Kadıköy district, has an exceptional location, as one of the largest and most important municipalities of Istanbul is located in this district. Also, two main highways of Istanbul, E-5, and E-80, pass through the north and south sides of the Esenyurt District.

    The ends of two main roads end in this district. It should be mentioned that the Esenyurt District is only 27 km away from Istanbul Airport and 31 km from the famous Taksim Square in Istanbul. Easy access to D-100 and TEM highways and their related roads makes it easy to travel from this district to all parts of the city.

    This district is quickly connected to the Asian side of Istanbul by the Metrobus, which crosses the E-5 highway. You can see all detail about getting Turkish citizenship by investment in the following page.

    Things to Consider While Buying an Apartment in Esenyurt District

    Pay attention to the type of property when buying a property in the Esenyurt District. Usually, the properties that are in the form of Sites and residences have higher prices and more facilities. You can also choose the property you want from ordinary apartments with 4 or 5 floors.

    It is better to get help from lawyers and experts in the field of pricing the property and checking the document and other features of the property so that you don't get into trouble.

    Properties for Sale in Esenyurt, Istanbul

    Property Prices in Esenyurt District in 2023


    Average Sale Price / M2

    Esenyurt District in January 2023

    Sale Price Increase in 2022 - 2023 in USD


    Rental Price Change in 2022 - 2023 in USD


    Average Rental Price / M2

    Esenyurt District in January 2023

    The price of properties in the Esenyurt District has increased significantly compared to last year. This increase was about 63%. Right now, and in 2023, you can buy a property in the Esenyurt District at the price of 13,333 lira or $747 per square meter. you must spend 1,500,000 TL or 79,000 $ to buy a house in Esenyurt.

    The price per square meter of a house in Esenyurt is as described in the following table



    Turkish Lira (TL)


    529 $

    9,879 TL


    877 $

    16,363 TL


    713 $

    13,300 TL


    1,111 $

    20,724 TL

    Aşık Veysel

    1,007 $

    18,791 TL


    568 $

    10,600 TL


    536 $

    10,000 TL


    479 $

    8,948 TL

    Barbaros Heyrettin Paşa

    970 $

    18,095 TL


    387 $

    7,225 TL


    482 $ 

    9,000 TL


    835 $

    15,588 TL


    1,016 $

    18,962 TL


    536 $

    10.000 TL


    927 $

    17,293 TL


    576 $

    10,757 TL


    489 $

    9,121 TL


    571 $

    10,649 TL


    557 $

    10,392 TL


    493 $

    9,200 TL


    1,131 $ 

    21,107 TL

    Mehmet Akif Ersoy

    647 $

    12,083 TL


    625 $

    11,666 TL


    918 $

    17,119 TL

    Namık Kemal

    707 $

    13,190 TL

    Necip Fazıl Kısakürek

    524 $

    9,777 TL

    Orhan gazi

    1,008 $

    18,799 TL


    437 $

    8,165 TL


    585 $

    10,909 TL


    498 $

    9,293 TL

    Piri Reis

    766 $

    14,285 TL


    664 $

    12,400 TL

    Selahaddin Eyyubi

    482 $

    8,990 TL


    775 $

    14,457 TL


    543 $

    10,130 TL


    496 $

    9,259 TL


    530 $

    9,900 TL

    Turgut Özal

    765 $

    14,271 TL


    514 $

    9,590 TL


    564 $

    10,529 TL


    844 $

    15,754 TL

    Yunus Emre

    536 $

    10,000 TL


    1,005 $

    18,750 TL

    Everything You Need to Know About Esenyurt district istanbul Before Buying Real Estate in Istanbul

    Where the Esenyurt district istanbul is Located?
    Esenyurt, a famous district of Istanbul Province that belongs to a metropolitan municipality of the city. It is situated on the European part of the city and shares its borders with Avcılar district and Lake Küçükçekmece on the eastern part; Büyükçekmece on the western region; Başakşehir, Arnavutköy and TEM road on the northern region; and Beylikdüzü and E-5 motorway on the southern portion. Its municipality exists since 1989 and its total area is 2.770 hectares.

    Social Facilities of Esenyurt district istanbul

    Esenyurt district istanbul underwent major development in the last few years since huge residential complexes started coming up in the region. The district accommodates four cultural centers, including Esenyurt Cultural Centre, Saadetdere Cultural Centre, Yenikent Cultural Centre and Yunus Balta Cultural Centre. It also includes four parks, namely, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Park, Şehitler Park, Gaziler Park and Kadir Topbaş Park; all part of the residential complexes.

    Esenyurt's residential area gained attraction owing to the existence of newly built properties which are available at lower prices compared to the centre of Istanbul. The University of Istanbul Esenyurt is located in the district, which shares its proximity with other famous universities such as Beykent, Fatih, Istanbul Arel, Istanbul and Istanbul Gelişim Universities. The district also has TUYAP Exhibition and Conference Centre which is located just 5 km from the famous location of Esenyurt center and 26 km from the Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Instead of individual shops, there are many shopping centers along the roads. Esenyurt has mainly three shopping complexes, including Eskule Shopping Centre, Torium Shopping Centre and Akbatı AVM.

    Esenyurt district istanbul Transportation

    Esenyurt district istanbul is expected to attract huge scale of investments in near term, particularly in the transportation sector. The development of transportation is expected to take place near D100 and TEM highways and its associated roads because they are easily accessible from all parts of the city. Hence, some major real estate brands are showing interest for mega projects in these areas.

    Real Estate Status in Esenyurt district istanbul

    Esenyurt district istanbul has caught attention of many renowned real estate investors in Turkey. As a result, some major real estate projects are expected to see daylight in the region.

    Esenyurt district istanbul population is mainly comprised of youth due to the presence of Istanbul University and the University of Esenyurt. It is for this reason, there is a strong demand for 1 + 0, 1 + 1 and 1 + 2 apartments by young people who are mainly students.

    Malls of Esenyurt district istanbul

    The shopping malls of Istanbul located in Esenyurt district istanbul are as below:

    1Autopia Otomobil Alışveriş MerkeziKıraç Namık Kemal Mah. Adnan Kahveci Bulvarı No: 134513 Esenyurt - İ
    2Veneris AVMGüzelyurt Mah. 38. Sk. No: 1/5 Esenyurt - İ
    3Marmara ParkMevlana Mah. Çelebi Mehmet Cad. No:33/A, Esenyurt, İstanbul

    Universities of Esenyurt district istanbul

    NO.NameAddressWebsitePhone Number
    2Fatih ÜniversitesiFatih Üniversitesi Büyükçekmece Kampüsü Esenyurt

    Hospitals of Esenyurt district istanbul

    NO.NameAddressWebsitePhone Number
    1Doga HospitalAkşemseddin Mahallesi, Doğan Araslı Blv. No:4, 34510 Esenyurt/İstanbul
    2ESENYURT DEVLET HASTANESİ HALE İSHAKOĞLU EK BİNASIİnönü, Sıdıka Cebecioğlu Sk. No:10, 34510 Esenyurt/İstanbul +902126205202
    3İstinye Üniversite HospitalAşık Veysel Mah, Süleyman Demirel Cd. No:1, 34517 Esenyurt/İstanbul

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