HAUSBIZ Inspection Trips

Seeing is believing’, that is the experience that the Company offers. Our inspection trips give you the best possible methods for searching up your dream home. At HAUSBIZ, our Turkish peers are jolly, welcoming, and would give you all that the country has to offer.

Our viewing experience is not just designed to look just for properties on the trot, it also ensures that your trip is not entirely in vain and that you enjoy the rich Turkish culture at every step of the way. It is a natural thing because if you want to buy a home in Turkey, you should know at least a little about the country and its cities. Our team of professional consultants is very experienced in giving you the necessary help during your time in Turkey.

Inspection Trip

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Day 1: First Arrival Meeting
One of our professional staff would be meeting you up at the airport and would drive you to the hotel. With respect to your arrival time at the hotel, we will be taking you to a short tour around the area or the places that you are interested in. Or else, one of the executives will be coming around to the hotel to discuss with you about the property criteria in Turkey. He/she would walk you through all the necessary structure of the real estate in Istanbul, discuss the properties that have been marked for you, and resolve any queries that you have.

Day 2: Viewing
Once you have had sufficient amount of rest, the Sales Consultant would be coming around at your hotel to pick you up on a pre-decided time so that the areas can be visited, and properties can be decided. There would be no commitment to buy the property on your first visit, but our streamlined process compels investors to buy them on their first visit itself.

Day 3: Next Steps
Based upon your wishes, we would either frequent your preferred properties from Day 1 for another look, or we can select the properties that have been frequented on Day 2. Once the selection has been made, the official formalities can be completed on Day 3. The reservation deposit needs to be paid, and the after-sales services need to be discussed as well.

Day 4: Departure
Prior to your leaving, we would be finalizing all of the official paperwork, have a bank account opened, and grant you with the Power of Attorney, etc. Post which, our Sales Consultant would escort you back to the airport for your flight back home.

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