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Everything about Arnavutköy district istanbul

In the following, you will get to know all the points you need to know about Property for Sale in Arnavutköy District in Istanbul Turkey. Unquestionably, Arnavutköy is one of the best neighborhoods in Istanbul to invest in real estate and buy property. You can effortlessly obtain a Turkish passport and residence by investing in property in Turkey.

As you know, Turkey is one of the best countries for immigration. The facilities and equipment of this country are very suitable. Istanbul is undoubtedly one of the best cities in Turkey. If you want to buy a property in Istanbul and the Arnavutköy district, you should consider some points.

Don't forget this significant point. It is necessary to bring a series of essential documents when buying a property in Arnavutköy, as well as familiarize yourself with Turkey's laws. One of the available methods for obtaining residence is through real estate in Turkey. You can also get residency in Turkey by renting a property. The value and price of the properties in Arnavutköy are very reasonable and low compared to other cities in Turkey. By buying a property in this district, you will undoubtedly have an ideal and suitable life with your friends and family.

Education Status of Arnavutköy

    • University7%
    • High School12%
    • Secondary School28%
    • Primary School22%
    • Illiterate31%

    Advantages of Buying a House in Arnavutkoy District

    Arnavutköy District is one of the most unique areas of Istanbul for living. Like many investors and immigrants around the world, you may want to immigrate to Turkey and live in Arnavutköy.

    Arnavutköy District is one of the most beautiful European areas of Istanbul. This district has shown great importance to construction in the last few years.

    Such that you can find any type of property you want in Arnavutköy to buy property in the European part of Istanbul.

    Istanbul has several airports that the main airport of this city is located in the Arnavutköy District under the title of Istanbul Airport.

    Things to Consider While Buying an Apartment in Arnavutkoy District

    If you plan to purchase an apartment in Arnavutköy, Istanbul, you should be fully informed about its property buying conditions. The price of buying a property in this city is different. In the following, you will get acquainted with some significant points for purchasing a property in this city.

    • To buy a property in Turkey, you should seek the help of an expert and experienced lawyer.
    • The value of the properties you buy must be $400,000 in total so that you can get Turkish citizenship.
    • Note that you must receive a receipt from the owner of the property.
    • Ensuring that the building is free of debt
    • Absence of municipal problems

    Properties for Sale in Arnavutköy, Istanbul

    Property Prices in Arnavutköy District in 2023


    Average Sale Price / M2

    Arnavutköy District in January 2023

    Sale Price Increase in 2022 - 2023 in USD


    Rental Price Change in 2022 - 2023 in USD


    Average Rental Price / M2

    Arnavutköy District in January 2023

    The price of apartments in this area has increased by 81% compared to the Last year. The average price of an apartment in this area per square meter is 14000 lira or $783. On average, you must spend 1,500,000 liras, or about $80,000 to buy a property in Arnavutköy. This district is one of the cheapest areas in Istanbul.

    The price per square meter of a house in Arnavutköy is as described in the following table:



    Turkish Lira (TL)


    655 $

    12,222 TL

    Arnavutköy Merkez

    788 $

    14,703 TL


    610 $

    11,383 TL

    Boğazköy İstiklal

    637 $

    11,879 TL


    735 $

    13,711 TL


    798 $

    14,881 TL


    673 $

    12,565 TL


    784 $

    14,636 TL


    1,107 $

    20,645 TL


    701 $

    13,077 TL


    693 $

    12,935 TL

    Mareşal Fevzi Çakmak

    1,201 $

    22,400 TL


    842 $

    25,714 TL

    Mehmet Akif Ersoy

    755 $

    14,080 TL

    Mustafa Kemal Paşa

    782 $

    14,583 TL


    623 $

    11,622 TL


    859 $

    16,000 TL


    718 $

    13,395 TL

    Yunus Emre

    638 $

    11,900 TL

    Arnavutkoy district istanbul

    Arnavutkoy district istanbul is a rural neighborhood and a municipality that is located in Istanbul Province, Turkey. It was established in the year of 2008 by taking a considerable rural portion of Gaziosmanpaşa, and multiple other parts that also includes Çatalca. The mayor for the district is Mr. Ahmet Haşim Baltacı of the AKP Party.
    Arnavutkoy district istanbul is situated on the European end of Istanbul which also envelopes the Black Sea. There is another neighborhood located in the district that is named as Hadımköy which is also called as “Hademkeui” with respect to the European sources. Hadımköy also consists of a swift transit line which is present on the D.100 state highway.

    There should not be any confusion since there are two separate regions called Arnavutköy at Istanbul City. There is another district called Beşiktaş, a peaceful neighborhood located across Bosphorus. Another one of it is situated on the European end of Istanbul. The text in question is about the Arnavutkoy district istanbul that is present in the Northern part of Istanbul.
    Arnavutköy is based almost 35 kilometers away from Mecidiyeköy, and 30 kilometers away from Eminönü neighborhoods. It is also encompassed by Eyüp, Esenyurt, Büyükçekmece, and Çatalca districts.
    Arnavutkoy district istanbul also contains one of the longest coastlines which ranges at about 22 kilometers along with the Black Sea. You might think that there would be an ample number of beaches here, but there are no beaches over here.

    Istanbul Airport

    Istanbul Airport is the primary international airport which essentially serves Istanbul, Turkey and it is located at Arnavutkoy district istanbul. It is considered to be one of the biggest airports there is.

    Karaburun Coastline

    There has been an increasing number of sand quarries sprouting up along the coastline which has resulted in the degradation of its natural beauty. Thankfully, Karaburun has a beach situated along the Black Sea, but if you want to have a swim across it, then that could pose a challenge. The waves are a bit wilder in the Black Sea which would only require professional swimmers because of the wild waves.
    Even though that advantage is not there, citizens of Karaburun would be able to enjoy it up by savoring some tasty dishes like the Kuyu’da Kalkan also called as the Turbot Tandouri, and multiple other dishes as well.
    Arnavutkoy district istanbul is also affluent with respect to water bodies since there are multiple streams that pass along the neighborhood. The two vital water sources that are available over there would be the Terkos Lake and Sazlıdere Dam.
    The Olivium Outlet Center is a world-class shopping mall that is studded with cinemas, shops containing factory surplus stocks, bringing in new and improved shopping opportunities for citizens and tourists alike. The Center is especially crowded during weekends, which brings in quite a bit of excitement on that account.
    Along the northern borders of Zeytinburnu, another famous mall called the Forum Marmara Mall has sprung up, along with the Zeytinburnu tram stop, the metro station, and the Zeytinburnu Metrobus Stop. On the north-eastern side of the neighborhood, the Panorama 1453 Museum is located which showcases the heroic conquest of Istanbul with stunning visuals. Right next to the museum is the famous “Hollywood in Zeytinburnu” that is based on Merkezefendi.
    There are some of the lavish residential apartments which give the homeowners a stunning spectacle of the sea. The apartments come attached in with smart home systems which can be used to remotely access your house from anywhere around the world. This is a technological advancement that literally adds a bit of style, along with elegance in your hands.
    Some of the residential apartments have facilities with respect to the needs and wants like the internal parking, fitness centers, generators if there are outages, lift facilities, and so on. There are sufficient green covers, water pools, and ample amount of space for children that are sprawled across the Municipality of Istanbul and its apartment facilities.
    Kadir Topbaş, the erstwhile mayor of Istanbul from 2004 to 2017 had expressed his desire to set up a public park with an area consisting of a whopping million square meters in the Zeytinburnu. This again led to an increase in the apartment prices, and the market movement became substantially high. This led to the investors pooling in fresh real estate projects, which resulted in increasing market value in the region. Also, the prices of the old projects have increased by a staggering 50% and would continue to do so in the coming years.

    Tasoluk Yesil Mosque

    There are multiple residents on the majority that have migrated from Anatolia and they are very traditionalist in nature. Which is why there are a considerably greater number of mosques in the neighborhood. Arnavutköy has the famous Taşoluk Yeşil Mosque which is among the four mosques that have a total of six minarets.

    Arnavutkoy district istanbul Transporation

    The modes of transport available for them would be the Dolmuş buses that are available in and around Istanbul. These might not be available with respect to the schedules you want, but it is there at least. If you are a tourist, and you do not have a car for moving around, then it is better to schedule your travels via public transport timings.

    Arnavutkoy district istanbul Economy 

    Also, there are multiple small and big industries located in the neighborhood with multiple residents working over there as well. The textile sector has been on a prominent rise, and they have taken the district’s economy to greater heights. Since there are multiple futuristic projects taken up by the local government coming up in the neighborhood, the future might be completely different as we speak.

    Along with this, there is a slew of other projects which are focused on changing the face of Arnavutkoy district istanbul in a way that would be beneficial. The impacts cannot be judged as of now, but the advantageous factors are on the upside.
    Even though the projects have not been initiated yet, the neighborhood has already become a potential hotspot for investors and the apartment rates are already skyrocketing. Also, an issue which is a cause for concern would be transportation. The district is not exactly connected with the center properly, which is why residents would need to take up multiple modes of transport to reach their destination.

    • Third bridge project along with connected roads.
    • Third Airport along with highway projects of North Marmara

    Arnavutkoy district istanbul for Sale House

    The residential sale prices for Arnavutköy have decreased marginally by about 1.49%. The residential property size that is available on average would be 105 square meters.

    Arnavutkoy district istanbul Average ROI is 25 years

    The average residential square meter unit price for Arnavutkoy district istanbul would be 2,223TL. The properties which provide a similar number of features would be having an average Return on Investment period would be 25 years.

    Malls of Arnavutkoy district istanbul

    The shopping malls of Istanbul located in Arnavutkoy district istanbul are as below:

    1Avlu34 Alışveriş ve Yaşam MerkeziArnavutköy Merkez, 23 Nisan Cd. no:1, 34275 Arnavutköy/İstanbul

    Universities of Arnavutkoy district istanbul

    NO.NameAddressWebsitePhone Number
    1APEM - ARNAVUTKÖY POLİS MESLEK EĞİTİM MERKEZİ MÜDÜRLÜĞÜYavuz Selim Mah. Sevban Mehmet Cad. 82 Arnavutköy, İstanbul

    Hospitals of Arnavutkoy district istanbul

    NO.NameAddressWebsitePhone Number
    1Avrupa HospitalArnavutköy Merkez, Eski Edirne Cd. No:1338, 34281 Arnavutköy/İstanbul
    2Arnavutkoy State HospitalArnavutköy Merkez, Eski Edirne Cd. No:3, 34275 Arnavutköy/İstanbul

    Arnavutkoy district istanbul map

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