Step-by-step Guidance For Buy Property In Başakşehir

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Step-by-step guidance for buy property in Başakşehir

Today we want to check one of the European regions of Istanbul called Başakşehir. This region is one of the best areas of Istanbul for living and tourism due to its mild and pleasant atmosphere, plus acceptable amenities such as good health care services, educational centers for all levels, and the presence of modern arcades and shopping centers.

During the last few years, due to the adoption of new laws, many immigrants decided to buy property in Başakşehir. The favorable climate of this area is another reason for people to buy property in Başakşehir. Also, with the continuous price growth over the last few years, buy property in Istanbul is a good choice.

Information you should know before buy property in Başakşehir

Before taking any action to buy property in Başakşehir, you should know that this area, in addition to being a part of the old areas in Istanbul, is also a bridge to connect the two European halves of Istanbul. Also, the government’s new projects in this region will cause the increasing growth of amenities such as education, medical services, etc.

History of Başakşehir

Başakşehir was one of the strategic regions during the Ottoman period, because Başakşehir was the supplier of most of the gunpowder needed by the army, and due to the many mines in this area, few people bought houses there. Also, there is a famous dam in this area that was used to supply water, and the cave in this area was used for military purposes in the past and is now used for tourism. The old name of today’s Başakşehir region of Istanbul was Azadligh or Azadi, which then changed to its current name after a while. One of the strange features of this area is that the name of one of its neighborhoods is Altinşehir. Archaeologists’ investigation of the foundation works in this area, shows the oldest footprints discovered so far in the city of Istanbul, which is indicative of the first houses and human life in this area. These historical monuments have a considerable impact on the level of demand for buying property in Başakşehir.

Başakşehir’s geographical location and accessibility

If we divide the European part of Istanbul into two parts, Başakşehir is the connecting point of these two parts, which is a bridge from the western parts of Istanbul to the city center. For this reason, this region has a well-built and powerful transportation system, which is a positive point in terms of infrastructure for the people of this region. This capable network includes public and private buses and the metro line. There is also a communication station in this area that provides access to different and important parts of Istanbul, such as Atatürk Airport, which is closed today due to the opening of the new airport, and Marmara Train Station, which is a railway bridge between the continents of Europe and Asia. Also, the government with the Istanbul municipality are building new tramway lines that will pass through this area at an approximate cost of half a billion Turkish Liras. This infrastructure development in this area made it possible for people living in Başakşehir to access all parts of Istanbul in the shortest possible time at a low cost.

In the past, Başakşehir was a part of the Küçükçekmece region, which finally became an independent region in 2008 through the agreements made by the Turkish government. In this year, the Turkish government established a municipality for Başakşehir.

In terms of geographical location, this region borders with Arnavutköy region from the north, Eyüp Sultan from the northeast, Sultangazi and Esenler regions from the east, Bağcılar from the south, Küçükçekmece and Avcılar lake area from the southwest, and the southwest with the densely populated Esenyurt region.

Başakşehir in the northern part has a rich natural cover such as vast green forests, which includes cypress, pine, and evergreen trees. There is also a dam along the river that passes through Başakşehir, which connects to the Küçükçekmece lake.

Amenities of the Başakşehir region

In terms of the level of medical facilities and health services, there is a large public hospital in the Başakşehir region of ​​Istanbul, in addition to which there are 23 minor and large medical centers that include public clinics and a large number of private and public hospitals. Among the specialized services of these hospitals, we can mention the specialized services for children, gynecology and obstetrics, cancer, neurosurgery, cardiology, and psychiatry, which cover almost all diseases. Also, eight large and specialized hospitals with a total capacity of two thousand and five hundred beds, along with the most equipped and latest medical technologies, are being built in Başakşehir, which makes this area even more equipped. These health facilities and equipment make many people from other areas of Istanbul come to this region to receive health care services. Due to the establishment of this hospital, house sales in the Başakşehir region have increased several times.

Increase in real estate prices to buy property in Başakşehir District

During the last few years and with the growth of Istanbul’s infrastructure due to basic constructions such as the construction project of the third international airport in Istanbul, the price of properties in this area has increased by about 30%. The coincidence of the opening of these projects with the wave of new demand for property due to the immigration laws approved in 2018, caused the price of the property in this region to grow unprecedentedly. Also, studies indicate that after the operation of these infrastructure projects, Başakşehir will become one of the five main regions of Istanbul in terms of real estate price growth. Also, another huge project called Istanbul Canal is underway, which passes through the areas of Başakşehir, Arnavutköy, Avcılar, and Küçükçekmece, and according to forecasts, it will finish around 2023. This price increase is for almost all types of property in this area, such as apartments, equipped residential complexes, private villas, and apartments. Because of this, Başakşehir has been able to attract the attention of many investors from all over the world.

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