A Step-by-step Guide To Buy Property In Çekmeköy Istanbul

Project Type
Easy AccessFamily ConceptGreen Focus

Ağa HausLuxury Residential Complex with Many Amenities in Çekmeköy Istanbul

Çekmeköy /Istanbul
Total Units 738
Delivery Date 12/2023
47000 m2
877,000 USD
EconomicFamily ConceptGreen Focus

Ömerli HausModern Villas for Sale in Çekmeköy District Excellent Access

Çekmeköy /Istanbul
Total Units 28
Delivery Date Ready To Move
877,000 USD
Family ConceptForrest ViewGreen Focus

Çamlıyaka HausForest view with private Gardens Property for Sale in Istanbul

Total Units
Delivery Date February 2020
19000 m2

A step-by-step guide to buy property in Çekmeköy

Çekmeköy region, which is one of the Asian regions of Istanbul, connects the east and west of the Asian part. Modern and luxury constructions are increasing in Çekmeköy and interested people have started to buy property in Çekmeköy. This is one of the characteristics of this region which has been stable until a few years ago and is changing now, which has caused the change in the decreasing trend of the demand for buy property in Çekmeköy towards the increasing trend. The number of foreigners living in Çekmeköy, especially Iranians, was almost zero and its cultural and social context consisted of the Turkish population, but now we see that buy property in Çekmeköy is one of the main destinations of people with low budgets.

Information you need to know before buying a property in Çekmeköy

Maybe you are not interested in knowing about the history of the Çekmeköy region, but to buy a property in Çekmeköy, you must know information such as the amenities and the transportation system of this region so that you can make the best decision with your budget.

Çekmeköy history

Before the industrialization of Istanbul and the migration of people to this city, the Çekmeköy region had a population of about 300 to 400, the population was equal to a village, but with the beginning of urbanization and the process of modernization of Istanbul since the 70s, the urban fabric gradually increased, which reduced the natural green and lively texture and gave way to towers and tall buildings. Although, with the high speed of construction in this region, it still has a part of its traditional texture.

Geographical location and accessibility of the Çekmeköy region

Çekmeköy region in Istanbul is in the eastern or Asian part of this city. This region was not independent in the past, and in the past divisions of regions, it was a part of the construction region, but after the decision of high-ranking officials, it became an independent region with a separate municipality. Çekmeköy now has about 17 independent neighborhoods, and most people living in Çekmeköy can be seen in neighborhoods such as Mehmet Akif, Kirazlıdere, and Hamidiyeh district. The population of this region in 2021 is estimated to be around 270,000. The area of Çekmeköy reaches about 148 square kilometers. Çekmeköy is adjacent to areas such as Beykoz, Şile and Sancaktepe. Some people call it the heart of Asian Istanbul due to the special geographical location of this region, which is between the western and eastern parts of the Asian part of Istanbul.

Due to the location of Çekmeköy in the heart of the Asian region, the transportation system is suitable for accessing different parts of the city, especially the city center. Since this region was a part of the large Omraniye region until a few years ago, now some of the public transportation systems of this region, such as the metro, are shared with the Omraniye region. The M-5 metro line passes through the south of the Çekmeköy region, and the Şile highway and the continuation of the Yavuz Sultan highway also pass through this region. Other accesses are also available with different bus lines and local taxis.

Çekmeköy amenities

The beautiful area of ​​Çekmeköy is one of the regions of Istanbul that is attractive to many tourists who travel to this area due to its pristine and beautiful nature. In addition to the pristine natural attractions, one of the other advantages of this region is its solitude and lack of noise and traffic. One of the most appropriate options for using the beautiful nature of the Çekmeköy region is the Polonezköy region. Polonezköy Nature Park, Aydos Castle, Çekmeköy Picnic Park, Ömerli Dam, and Avcıkoru Nature Park are other tourist attractions of this region which, in addition to tourists, residents of this region also use during special times such as weekend retreats. We have of different type of properties for sale in Istanbul, for more information contact us.
This region has no shortage of amenities, almost every service or product needed for daily life can be found. These facilities include educational and training services, tourism and recreational facilities, health and medical services, shopping centers, etc.

Çekmeköy has fewer shopping malls and arcades compared to the central areas of Istanbul, but the most famous one is KARDİYUM and BEŞYILDIZ Shopping Center.

Among the most important public and private healthcare centers in the region are ÇekmeköyState Hospital and Çekmeköy Private Medical Center.

One of the main concerns of many families who intend to buy a property and live in the Çekmeköy region is the provision of the area in terms of education and training. It should be mentioned that many schools and educational institutions are operating in the Çekmeköy region that meet the educational needs, among the most important of these centers we cab mention Çekmeköy Private College, Çekmeköy Liv Private School, Istinyeh University Campus in Çekmeköy, and Özyeğinn University.

Investing by buying property in Çekmeköy

Istanbul is one of the main destinations of immigrants to this country after the adoption of immigration laws in Turkey. This issue has caused an increase in the number of applicants to buy a property in Çekmeköy. According to all trends of population growth, one of the common events during population growth is the discussion of increasing real estate demand. Çekmeköy is one of the developing regions in Istanbul, which has attracted the attention of many real estate investors and construction companies. Many construction projects are being implemented and operated in this region. Due to the favorable weather conditions, complete amenities, and quick and cheap access to the center of Istanbul, it is expected that this region will develop further shortly. For this reason, buy property in Çekmeköy is one of the most suitable options for long-term investment in Turkey.

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