Turkish Title Deed Transfer

Title Deed (Tapu) Transfer

HauzBiz provides service that can help you gain ownership of the property. Turkish Title Deed Transfer,The transfer of ownership takes place with the help of a title deed, known as Tapu in Turkish language. After signing all the documents with respect to sales and transfer, HauzBiz sales expert forward the documents to the Title Deeds Registry Office. If you are not appointing a Power of Attorney, you need to appear at the registry office for the transfer of title deed. Both the buyer and the seller (or anyone acting on behalf of any of them) meet at the Title Deeds office at a fixed time for the transfer. A translator needs to be present at the office for swearing at the time of Turkish Title Deed Transfer.

The Turkish Title Deed Transfer occurs in the following steps;

  • The relevant documents need to be present at the registry office for the ownership transfer.
  • After preparing the document, the essential information is sent to the Title Deeds Office.
  • When everything is ready, the property is transferred to the buyer in exchange for payment.
    The ownership transfer process for foreigners usually takes 3 to 5 days as it involves an overseas monetary transaction.

After the ownership transfer, HauzBiz helps you obtaining the transfer of facilities such as electricity, gas, and water from the previous possessor to your name. All the things are done in an easy, smooth, and quick manner.


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