Who Are The Right People To Buy Property In Arnavutköy?

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Who are the right people to buy property in Arnavutköy?

buy property in Arnavutköy is ideal for people who want to own a property in the north of Istanbul at low and reasonable prices. Some people may confuse this area with a small village with the same name in Turkey, but we must say that Arnavutköy is a neighborhood in the northern part of Istanbul. In recent years, huge projects have been built in it, and this has caused a significant increase in buy property in Arnavutköy for living and capital. Stay with us in this section to learn more about the Arnavutköy district and find out the benefits of buying a property in this part of Istanbul.

About Arnavutköy District

Arnavutköy region in Istanbul, located in the north of the city, has the most beautiful beaches. With more than 300,000 people, this area is considered one of the touristic and crowded areas of Turkey. Arnavutköy is known for having colorful and eye-catching houses and because of this, it attracts many investors. Arnavut means Albanian and köy means neighborhood. The reason for naming this area is the settlement of many Albanian Turks in this region.

Arnavutköy is neighboring the Bebek neighborhood and the Bosphorus Strait and has many natural attractions. This area welcomes different travelers from all over Turkey and the world in all seasons of the year. Among the beautiful and popular sightseeing areas of this region, we can mention the Karaburun coastline and the Taşoluk Yeşil Mosque. The people of this region mainly have conservative religious beliefs and are mostly from Anatolia.

Buy property in Arnavutköy

Due to its forest cover and the significant economic progress it has achieved in recent years, Arnavutköy has faced an increase in immigration and investment potential. Therefore, buy property in Arnavutköy can be a perfect opportunity for immigrants and investors who intend to buy property in Turkey. On the other hand, this area has a good transportation location and provides easy access to all urban areas.

Among the other reasons that show that buy property in Arnavutköy is a wise and safe investment, we can mention the location of this region plus the coastline of the Bosphorus Strait. It is good to know that until 2016, Arnavutköy was a region composed of natives with an old cultural context, among the low-grade areas of Istanbul; but since 2016, due to the development of this area and the increase of immigrants who have settled in this region, there has been significant progress, and today, buy property in Arnavutköy is very popular with people.

Advantages of buying a property in Arnavutköy

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In the Arnavutköy District, several projects have been built in the field of transportation and with their help, you can easily access different parts of Istanbul. On the other hand, Istanbul International Airport, which is considered one of the most important parts of the capital, is located in this region.

Numerous tourist attractions

Arnavut Koy can be called one of the best tourist areas in Istanbul, which has many natural and tourist attractions. Taşoluk Yeşil Mosque is one of the four largest mosques in Turkey, which has more than 5 minarets and is in Arnavutköy. Also, there are many restaurants in this area where you can experience the pleasure of eating a variety of local and seafood dishes.

Capital growth by buying a villa property in Arnavutköy

As mentioned above, Arnavutköy has experienced significant economic growth in recent years, and because of this, buy property in Arnavutköy is very popular with investors these days. In this region, you can see all kinds of buildings, from beautiful apartments to colorful villas with attractive architecture.

Buy apartment in Arnavutköy to living

Arnavutköy can be considered one of the best regions of Istanbul to live in. People who intend to invest in this country by buying property in Turkey or getting residence can buy property in Arnavutköy. This region is suitable for those who want to buy apartment or other real estate in Turkey with a limited budget.

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