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Kağıthane District in Istanbul

All you need to know about Kağıthane district istanbul

Kağıthane district istanbul

Kâğıthane is one of the Istanbul district located in European side of Istanbul, Turkey. Formerly a working class district, it has become one of the largest real estate development areas in the city. Kağıthane district istanbul is located on the European side and extends over the shores of Cendere, the stream that discharges into the Golden Horn. The Cendere Valley is surrounded by the Sarıyer, Eyüp, Şişli, Beşiktaş, and Beyoğlu districts.

Here in the Kagithane area, God gave Turkey gardens and rivers ... Kağıthane district istanbul is one of the most beautiful and modern areas of Istanbul, and perhaps the quietest area in this vibrant city.

Kagithane is modern Istanbul

In the modern era, the star of the Kağıthane district istanbul area has shined, especially with the construction of large real estate projects, the strengthening of infrastructure, and the new transportation projects that have been established there.
With a central location, Kağıthane district istanbul gives it easy access to all areas of Istanbul, making it the focus of major real estate brands in the real estate sector.

Real estate sales Kağıthane district istanbul escalated

According to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute, sales in the real estate sector have increased significantly in Kağıthane district istanbul, reaching 87 percent in the last three years.
The year 2013 saw an increase in property demand reaching 32%, while 2014 saw an increase of 11%. In 2015, it saw an increase of 24%. This has increased remarkably in the last 3 years. The increase in the demand for the property reached 87%. Kagithane is 17th among Istanbul districts, at high levels of real estate prices and demand.

Zeytinburnu has a social environment that is essentially opulent, and people lead a luxurious life living over here. With the presence of multiple stylish restaurant chains, and shopping centers like the famous Capacity Mall, and the Olivium Outlet Center, standards are definitely on the upside here. The district also contains modernized hospitals, and educational institutions like the state-of-the-art universities, schools, and multiple other facilities.
The Olivium Outlet Center is a world-class shopping mall that is studded with cinemas, shops containing factory surplus stocks, bringing in new and improved shopping opportunities for citizens and tourists alike. The Center is especially crowded during weekends, which brings in quite a bit of excitement on that account.
Along the northern borders of Zeytinburnu, another famous mall called the Forum Marmara Mall has sprung up, along with the Zeytinburnu tram stop, the metro station, and the Zeytinburnu Metrobus Stop. On the north-eastern side of the neighborhood, the Panorama 1453 Museum is located which showcases the heroic conquest of Istanbul with stunning visuals. Right next to the museum is the famous “Hollywood in Zeytinburnu” that is based on Merkezefendi.
There are some of the lavish residential apartments which give the homeowners a stunning spectacle of the sea. The apartments come attached in with smart home systems which can be used to remotely access your house from anywhere around the world. This is a technological advancement that literally adds a bit of style, along with elegance in your hands.
Some of the residential apartments have facilities with respect to the needs and wants like the internal parking, fitness centers, generators if there are outages, lift facilities, and so on. There are sufficient green covers, water pools, and ample amount of space for children that are sprawled across the Municipality of Istanbul and its apartment facilities.
Kadir Topbaş, the erstwhile mayor of Istanbul from 2004 to 2017 had expressed his desire to set up a public park with an area consisting of a whopping million square meters in the Zeytinburnu. This again led to an increase in the apartment prices, and the market movement became substantially high. This led to the investors pooling in fresh real estate projects, which resulted in increasing market value in the region. Also, the prices of the old projects have increased by a staggering 50% and would continue to do so in the coming years.

Property prices in Kağıthane district istanbul

Apartments prices per square meter in Kağıthane district istanbul properties are between 4 thousand and 9 thousand Turkish lira, while the price in some of the famous real estate projects to 12 thousand Turkish liras, data indicate that the apartments of 2 + 1, 1 + 1 and 3+ 1 has received considerable attention from investors and property owners in the area.

Neighbors of Kağıthane district istanbul

Kağıthane district istanbul is consisting of 19 neighbors as below:

1Çağlayan Mahallesi11Nurtepe Mahallesi
2Çeli̇ktepe Mahallesi12Ortabayir Mahallesi
3Emni̇yet Evleri̇ Mahallesi13Seyrantepe Mahallesi
4Gültepe Mahallesi14Sultan Seli̇m Mahallesi
5Gürsel Mahallesi15Şi̇ri̇ntepe Mahallesi
6Hami̇di̇ye Mahallesi16Talatpaşa Mahallesi
7Harmantepe Mahallesi17Telsi̇zler Mahallesi
8Hürri̇yet Mahallesi18Yahya Kemal Mahallesi
9Mehmet Aki̇f Ersoy Mahallesi19Yeşi̇lce Mahallesi
10Merkez Mahallesi

Malls of Kağıthane district istanbul

The shopping malls of Istanbul located in Kağıthane district istanbul are as below:

1Metro AVMMerkez M. Cendere Yolu Ayazma Cad. No: 51 Kağı
2Sapphire Çarşı Alışveriş MerkeziEmniyet Evleri Mah. Eski Büyükdere Cad. No: 1/1 Kağıthane - İ
3AXİS AvmMerkez, Cendere Cd. No:28, 34406 Kağıthane/Kâğıthane/İstanbul
4Vadi Istanbul MallHamidiye, Sarıyer, Kasımpaşa Hasköy Cd. No:27, 34408 Kâğıthane

Universities of Kağıthane district istanbul

NO.NameAddressWebsitePhone Number
1NÜ SADABAD KAMPÜSÜ - NİŞANTAŞI ÜNİVERSİTESİMerkez Mah. Hasbahçe Cad. 88 Kağıthane, İstanbul
2ÖZYEĞİN ÜNİVERSİTESİ GİRİŞİM FABRİKASISanayi Mah. Eski Büyükdere Cad. 61 Tacirler İş Mrk. K:2 Kağıthane, İstanbul +902123257650

Hospitals of Kağıthane district istanbul

NO.NameAddressWebsitePhone Number
1Kağıthane State HospitalSanayi, Şahinler Cd. No:23, 34415 Kağıthane/Kâğıthane/İstanbul
2Hospital DerindereMerkez, Burcu Sk. No:9, 34406 Kâğıthane/İstanbul
3Gultepe Avicenna HospitalTelsizler, Talatpaşa Cd. No:151, 34410 Kağıthane/Kâğıthane/İstanbul
4Özel Esha Cerrahi Tıp MerkeziYeşilce, Yunus Emre Cd. No:24, 34418 Kağıthane/Kâğıthane/İstanbul

Kağıthane district istanbul map

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