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In the following, you will get to know all the points you need to know about Property for Sale in Avcılar District in Istanbul Turkey.  Buying a property in Avcılar Istanbul is one of the best and most effective decisions you can make in your life. Because this district is very beneficial; Therefore, it is better to get acquainted with the price of a property in Avcılar, Istanbul. Avcılar is in the European part of Istanbul, and its area is about 42.59 square kilometers. Immigrating to this district will help you get job positions, education, and good facilities. Also, this district has considerable tourist attractions.

Education Status of Avcılar

    • University15%
    • High School21%
    • Secondary School22%
    • Primary School18%
    • Illiterate23%

    Advantages of Buying a House in Avcılar District

    Avcılar Istanbul cares about its citizens in every way and provides many services to them. For example, in this district, citizens can use metro buses, buses, ships, and sea transportation to move around. Also, Avcılar's educational levels are at a high level and it has good educational facilities. Even the universities of this district are among the most prestigious universities in Turkey. On the other hand, the hospitals in this district are among the best and have experienced medical staff. You can see all detail about getting Turkish citizenship by investment in the following page.

    Things to Consider While Buying an Apartment in Avcılar District

    As you know, the rules for buying property and apartments are the same in different areas of Istanbul. If you have chosen the Avcılar district of Istanbul to buy a property, you need to know that you must prepare documents for this purpose. Before buying a house, villa, or apartment in Istanbul, it is better to determine your budget; Because in this case, you can better find the right area. We have summarized the steps you need to take to buy an apartment in Avcılar below:

    • To buy a property in Avcılar, first, select the desired house or apartment and specify its price.
    • The seller must be paid an advance of 10% of the determined amount for the purchase of the property in Avcılar, regardless of the amount.
    • In the next step, it is time to close the contract and sign it.
    • Receiving the official expert report from the buyer is the next step in buying a property in Avcılar.
    • Signing and changing the document in the name of the buyer by the buyer and the seller in the Tapu office. (For this purpose, if you do not speak Turkish, you must get help from a legal translator.)

    Properties for Sale in Avcılar, Istanbul

    Property Prices in Avcılar District in 2023


    Average Sale Price / M2

    Avcılar District in January 2023

    Sale Price Increase in 2022 - 2023 in USD


    Rental Price Change in 2022 - 2023 in USD


    Average Rental Price / M2

    Avcılar District in January 2023

    Over the past few months, property prices in this district have increased, which may be one of the reasons for the increase in the volume of property purchases in the Avcılar district of Istanbul. If you intend to buy a property in this neighborhood, you need to know that the average price of each square meter apartment or house in this district is about 27000 lira or $1067; Additionally, you should keep in mind that the price of the property in the Avcılar District varies depending on the area and the facilities of the property. you must spend 2,320,000 TL or 125000 $ to buy a house in Avcılar.

    The price per square meter of a house in Avcılar is as described in the following table:



    Turkish Lira (TL)


    711 $

    13,263 TL


    754 $

    17,071 TL


    790 $

    14,749 TL


    1,104 $

    20,588 TL


    755 $

    14,090 TL


    958 $

    17,875 TL

    Mustafa Kemal Paşa

    804 $

    15,000 TL


    1,451 $

    27,069 TL


    1,059 $

    19,750 TL


    1,472 $

    27,461 TL

    Avcilar district istanbul

    Avcilar district istanbul, Turkey is located in the European part of the city on the western region of the Küçükçekmece inlet of the Sea of Marmara.

    Till the second half of 20th century, Avcilar district istanbul was seen as a coastal village with lots of open area. It is from1980 onwards that the district started experiencing massive development of housing colonies and industrial complexes near the port and the road towards the Firuzköy village overlooking the inlet.

    The district has ten neighbours including Avcılar Merkez, Ambarlı, Cihangir, Gümüşpala, Denizköşkler, Üniversite, Mustafa Kemal Paşa, Firuzköy, Tahtakale, and Yeşilkent.

    Avcilar district istanbul for Sale House

    Residential property prices in the Avcilar district istanbul increased 0.63%. The average property size that is available for sale in the region is 110 square meters.

    Malls of Avcilar district istanbul

    The shopping malls of Istanbul located in Avcilar district istanbul are as below:

    1Pelican Mall Alışveriş ve Yaşam MerkeziÜniversite Mah. Selvi Sok. No: 25 E5 üzeri Avcılar - İ
    2Bauhaus AVMHaramidere Mah. 7. Cadde No: 2 Tatilya Yanı Beylikdüzü Avcılar - İstanbul 
    3CarrefourSA AVMPelikanmall AVM Üniversite Mah. Telvi Sok. No: 25 Avcılar - İstanbu 


    Universities of Avcilar district istanbul

    NO.NameAddressWebsitePhone Number
    1İSTANBUL ÜNİVERSİTESİ CERRAHPAŞA REKTÖRLÜĞÜ AVCILAR KAMPÜSÜÜniversite Mah. E-5 Yanyol İstanbul Üniversitesi Avcılar Kampüsü Avcılar, İstanbul
    2İÜ İŞLETME FAKÜLTESİ - İSTANBUL ÜNİVERSİTESİÜniversite Mah. E-5 Yanyol İs Avcılar, İstanbul
    3İGÜ - İSTANBUL GELİŞİM ÜNİVERSİTESİCihangir Mah. Şehit Jandarma Komando Er Hakan Öner Sok. 1 Avcılar, İstanbul
    4İSTANBUL ÜNİVERSİTESİ İŞLETME FAKÜLTESİ - İİE ARAŞTIRMA VE YARDIM VAKFIÜniversite Mah. Firuzköy Cad. (Avcılar Kampüsü İçinde) Avcılar, İstanbul
    5İSTANBUL GELİŞİM ÜNİVERSİTESİ ÖĞRENCİ İŞLERİCihangir Mah. Şehit Jandarma Komando Er Hakan Öner Sok. 1 Avcılar, İstanbul +902124220670

    Hospitals of Avcilar district istanbul

    NO.NameAddressWebsitePhone Number
    1Avcılar HospitalÜniversite, Uran Cd. No:10, 34320 Avcılar/İstanbul
    2Hunters Special Anadolu HospitalMustafa Kemal Paşa, Firuzköy Blv. No:1, 34775 Shawnee Mission/Avcılar/Avcılar/Avcılar/İstanbul
    3Medicana AvcılarMerkez, Şamlı Sk. No:32, 34310 Avcılar/İstanbul
    4Avcılar Baypark HastanesiGümüşpala, 34320 Avcılar/İstanbul
    5Avcılar Murat Kölük Devlet HastanesiÜniversite, Yeni Yuva Sok. No:4, 34320 Avcılar/İstanbul

    Avcilar district istanbul map

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