A Step-by-step Guide To Buy Property In Sancaktepe

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619,032 USD
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Aydos HausResidence in the neighborhood of the forest - Sancaktepe

Total Units 914
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50000 m2
619,032 USD
469,747 USD
Family Concept

Metro Haus

Total Units 544
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10000 m2
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724,600 USD
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Aydos Haus

Total Units 900
Delivery Date Ready to Move
50000 m2
724,600 USD

A step-by-step guide to buy property in Sancaktepe

Sancaktepe is one of the regions in the east of the Asian part of Istanbul. This region is adjacent to the Çekmeköy region in the north, the Kartal region in the south, Ataşehir and Umraniye regions in the west, and Sultanbeyli and Pendik regions in the east. Due to the new immigration wave, people have bought properties in Sancaktepe. This increase in demand for property in Sancaktepe has started the price increase in this region. For this reason, many investors have purchased a property in Sancaktepe with the property rate increase program. To find our property listing about property for sale in Istanbul, please contact us.

Sancaktepe history

In the past, Sancaktepe was one of the neighborhoods of Kartal and Omraniyeh, which separated from these two regions in 2008 due to the government’s decision to make this region an independent region and got its municipality. Even though Sancaktepe was not inhabited throughout history, advanced urban development has not taken place there. In recent years, with the approval of new immigration laws and the influx of new waves of immigrants to this region, this region has started to grow and develop rapidly, and barren lands are replaced by fertile lands.

Geographical location and accessibility

Due to the remoteness and significant distance of this region from the central parts of the city such as Taksim Square, it is essential to observe things resulting from human congestion such as traffic. Sancaktepe region is a quiet and secluded area that is in the depths of its natural green cover. Sancaktepe region is one of the eastern and Asian regions of Istanbul that recently has become one of the attractive options for buying property for investment in Turkey. This pleasant and alluring region has an area of ​​about 61 square kilometers, and according to the latest statistics, it has a population of about 450,000, and around a third of them are between 1 and 14 years old. This number is increasing gradually due to recent developments, and more and more people are always willing to live in this green area.

Due to its location in the access channel of the city center to Sabiha Airport, this region has good transportation facilities. Despite the lack of trauma, Metrobus, and the metro, still, due to the passage of the highway and low traffic, you can travel to different parts of the city in a short period. The E-80 highway is also on the southern part of the Sancaktepe. To increase comfort, a metro line that passes through this region is planned in the municipal plans in the coming years. Due to the lack of metro and Metrobus, the main part of transportation and public traffic in Sancaktepe is by city buses and taxis. Due to the public transport conditions of the region and the distance of Sancaktepe from the center of Istanbul and the coasts of the Marmara and the Black sea, this region is suitable for people with local and regional jobs, plus people who attach great importance to peace and want an urban context.

Sancaktepe amenities

Maçka Park is one of the tourist areas of the Sancaktepe region. The park’s facilities, including decorative pools, attractive cable cars, and beautiful green plants, have made this park one of the most alluring parks in Istanbul. In Maçka Park, some paths are great for sports such as walking and jogging. There is also a space for children in this park that they can enjoy.

Contrary to the opinion of many people who may think that this region has problems in terms of meeting the needs of its people locally, with the presence of large and reliable shopping centers that have been built in the last few years, there is no need to worry. Healthcare facilities are another important thing for buyers and investors in the region. One of the largest hospitals in Istanbul is also under construction in the Sancaktepe region, and according to the plans, with the completion of this project, about 4,200 beds and various medical and paramedical departments will be added to the capacity of the healthcare sector in this region and Istanbul.

During the outbreak of the coronavirus in 2020, the Turkish government, in cooperation with various departments, succeeded in building a hospital in this region within 45 days and using it for the treatment of patients.

Among the other tourist and recreational facilities of this region, Eidos Forest Park can be mentioned. This natural park is on a hill whose height reaches 537 meters above sea level and it is said that this point is the highest in the beautiful city of Istanbul. In the forest of this attractive park, you can see a unique view of the combination of the city of Istanbul and the sea. Eidos Forest Park is in a historical area of the Roman and Byzantine Empires, and this area overlooks Eidos Castle. The name of this forest is due to the existence of this castle. In the Roman language, the word Eidos means eagle, because since ancient times it was believed that eagles lived on the top of this high hill.

Investment by buying a property in Sancaktepe

Today, many building projects are under construction in Sancaktepe, which has created an attractive opportunity to invest in real estate. Also, the existence of various construction projects in this region, such as the construction project of a large hospital, adds to the positivity of future investment in this region, which increases the prices for buy property in Sancaktepe.

One of the important points for investors in Sancaktepe is the appropriateness of property prices in this region compared to the central areas of Istanbul such as Şişli so that you can own a suitable house with the lowest initial capital and get a Turkish passport.

Plus the reasonable price of the properties in this region, these properties have good facilities compared to the budget. The ​​Sancaktepe has streets and alleys where the quality of the properties is not the same in all of them, but for people who want the neighborhood to be modern and have a good texture, districts like Fatih and Veysel Karani have modern residential complexes that include Apartments and residences. Also, in some neighborhoods of Sancaktepe, you can find low-income families.

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