Everything About Buy Property In Ataşehir Istanbul

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Atashehir HausModern Apartment with luxury units in Ataşehir Istanbul

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Ata HausLuxury Apartments for sale In Ataşehir Istanbul

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Buy property in Ataşehir

The common problem most people have when buy property in Ataşehir is the lack of information. If you have the correct information and knowledge when buy property in Ataşehir, you can make a suitable investment and get a Turkish passport. If you want to buy property in Ataşehir, you must consider four important points, such as the history of the area, the amenities, the location and its features, and the price and types of properties in the area.

Is it right to buy a property in Ataşehir?

Ataşehir is one of the central areas in Asian Istanbul. In this area, we see new constructions with modern architecture and design. Among the types of properties in this area, we can mention the types of apartments, towers, and residences, which have created many choices for buying a property in Ataşehir in the last few years. But buy property in Ataşehir requires information and details.

History of Ataşehir

In the past, Ataşehir was part of several surrounding areas in the Asian part of Istanbul. But after the significant growth of the population and the increase in the purchase of properties in the Ataşehir region, the need for a separate and independent region was felt, until in 2009, with the approval of a local vote, Ataşehir was considered a region and its municipality was established there.

Ataşehir demography

Ataşehir district neighbors 5 regions, which include Umraniye, Sancaktepe, Maltepe, Kadıköy, and Üsküdar. Also, this region has a population of approximately 420,000 people, the majority of which are in the age range between 35 and 55 years, and then the largest population is in the age range of 0 to 14 years. The average age of this region is about 35 years and most of the population of this region is educated so only about 20% of this population is illiterate and about 80% of the rest of the population has a minimum level of literacy. These numbers will help you to get familiar with buying a property in Ataşehir.

Ataşehir amenities

Ataşehir has about 17 neighborhoods, each of which has its characteristics. With 8 prestigious universities, Ataşehir meets the educational needs of people living in this area. Also, there are 6 leading hospitals in this area that respond to medical demands 24 hours a day. You can also shop at the 4 main shopping centers in this area, including Water Garden, Optimum, Palladium, and Nevada. These main factors make it easier to make a decision when buying a property in the Ataşehir region. we have all types of properties for sale in Istabul suitable for different taste, budget and needs.

One of the features of this area was the use of a private car to get around, which allows you to easily travel to any part of Istanbul with the creation of metro lines, metro buses, etc.

Summary of the guide to buying a property in Ataşehir

Since the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, this country has had a growing movement in different periods. Also, due to having policies in favor of tourism, as well as being investor-oriented, it attracted domestic and foreign investors to this country. But with the approval of immigration laws in 2018, obtaining a Turkish passport through investment in this country has become very simple and the capital required to obtain a Turkish passport has been reduced to about a quarter. So that you can get a Turkish passport by buying an apartment in Ataşehir for $250,000. This issue made the property owners in Turkey get a lot of money by selling their properties in the Ataşehir region. Foreign investors also started selling properties in the Ataşehir region with proper construction.

The approval of these laws created a new wave of demand for all kinds of properties in Turkey from abroad, especially the need for buying properties in Ataşehir. This caused a sudden increase in demand, attracted the attention of many investment activists, and large capital was transferred to Turkey to build real estate in this country. In a short time after this law, many towers and apartments appeared all over Istanbul and especially in the Ataşehir region. This new wave of capital caused many people to look for apartments in Ataşehir.

Despite the multifold increase in property construction in Ataşehir, we still saw an increase in the price of Ataşehir properties, so that in October 2020, the average price per square meter of a house in Ataşehir was $630, and this figure will reach an average of $830 in October 2021. This means about 35% growth and price increase compared to last year. On average, the money transferred in each sale transaction in the Ataşehir region is about $100,000. Using these numbers, you can roughly calculate the desired budget for buy property in Ataşehir. Since the Ataşehir region is an almost newly built region, you can rarely find a one-floor house in this region.

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