Buy Property In Fatih Istanbul And It's Benefits

Project Type
2,737,000 USD
City CenterEasy AccessFamily Concept
40000 m2
2,737,000 USD
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Jer HausCenteral Location with Sea View House for sale in Istanbul

Total Units 148
Delivery Date April 2020
40000 m2

Buy property in Fatih

If you are one of the people who like to live in an area with historical context, buy property in Fatih is one of the best options. Some of the properties in this region are part of the cultural organization and are not allowed to demolish and build new ones. Despite all the cases, you can still choose different types of properties such as apartments, residences, etc. In the following article, we collected the most important information you need before buy property in Fatih.

Things you should know before buying a property in Fatih.

If you intend to buy a property in Fatih, you should know that this region is in the southern part of the center of Istanbul, and due to its long history, it has a historical context. This historical context has been preserved over the years and gives a beautiful effect on this region. Because of these policies, buying a villa in Fatih or buying a new apartment requires a lot of searching. In addition to this, every year, thousands of people visit historical buildings in the Fatih region. Due to the proximity of this region to the sea, many people are interested in buying a villa in Fatih.

Fatih history

Fatih is one of the oldest and most historic districts in Istanbul. At first, this region formed the entire city of Constantinople during the Byzantine Empire, which was the capital of this empire and the most important city of that time. But after the conquest of this city by Sultan Muhammad during the Ottoman Empire, Fatih’s name changed. Due to the greatness of the conquest of this city by Sultan Muhammad, the title of Fatih was given to Sultan Muhammad, and the name of this region is also derived from this title.

This region has many historical monuments due to its sensitivity and special location throughout history. Many churches such as Hagia Sophia, and Christ Pantocrator (known as Zirak Mosque today) were built in this region. After the conquest of this region by Sultan Muhammad in the 15th century, many Christian buildings like the mentioned churches were converted into mosques. Also, the Fatih Mosque, one of the largest and most famous mosques in Istanbul, was built next to the old site of the Church of the Apostles, which is the burial place of Sultan Muhammad Fatih.

Demography and geography

The Fatih region can be considered the political and administrative heart of Istanbul because many important offices of this city and country are in this region. Because of this proximity to important offices, many people buy property in the Fatih region. This region is surrounded in the north by the Golden Horn, in the south by the Sea of ​​Marmara, in the east by the Eyüpsultan region, and Zeytinburnu, and in the west by the Bosphorus Strait. Usually, for people who need quick access to the center of Istanbul and are looking for a property at a reasonable price, buying a property in Fatih is a good option.

In terms of demographics, the Fatih region has a population of about 400,000, and the number of men and women living in this region is almost equal. Most of the population of this region, unlike many other regions, are adults, and the age range between 25 and 55 years is about 3 times that of the population under 14 years. About 60% of the residents of this region are unmarried and the average age of people living in the Fatih region is about 37 years.

Fatih amenities

Due to being a tourist area, this region has various comfort facilities plus suitable infrastructures for life. Among these infrastructures, we can mention the educational facilities of this region, which in addition to numerous schools for students, this region has 7 prestigious universities to meet the educational needs of this region. Also, one of the most important regional infrastructures is the medical facilities and availability of medical services, which has several hospitals such as Bezmialem Vakıf University Hospital and Capa Hastanesi Kadin Dogum Merkezi and a large number of private and government clinics provide the treatment needs of this region.
One of the most important infrastructures in tourist areas is the transportation system. Fatih is also one of the regions of Istanbul that has an excellent transportation system and in addition to numerous taxis and buses, this region is equipped with metro and tram lines. Due to its proximity to the highway, this region also has Metrobus lines, and different parts of the city are accessible to the people of this region.

With all the above explanations, is buying a property in the Fatih region the right choice?

According to the laws passed in connection with the non-destruction of the old fabric, the construction of new properties in this region is slow compared to other regions. So from October 2020, when the average price of a square meter in this area was $580, until October 2021, which reached about $630 with a growth of about 10%, in comparison with other regions, which sometimes had up to 40% price growth, it had relatively less growth. Therefore, for investment, other areas of Istanbul can be better options than buying a property in Fatih. Therefore, many people who want to start investing sell properties in the Fatih region.

But if you are very interested in the old texture and historical sense, buying a property in Fatih will be one of your best choices. Also, due to the reasonable price of this region, despite being close to the Bosphorus Strait and the center of Istanbul, Fatih can be a good option. You can find all kind of properties for sale in Istanbul such as Apartment, complex, villa, residence, office and etc.

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