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More than %80 of Foreign real estate buyers have been buying WRONG property based on their TARGET, BUDGET and LIFESTYLE

Hamit Talebi (HausBIZ CEO)

Most of properties in Istanbul are over-valued, you need to be smart in choosing the right one!

Hamit Talebi (HausBIZ CEO)

Property for Sale in Turkey, Istanbul

HAUSBIZ is an international Turkish real estate company, that brings you the finest Property for Sale in Turkey. Our clients receive the best professional advice and guidance regarding property for sale in Turkey in any of the following languages; English, Russian, Persian and Arabic for an easy and comfortable experience. Headquartered in Istanbul; our team of international consultants is committed to providing you with unmatched quality service for all your real estate and investment needs in Turkey. HAUSBIZ lawyers ensures that all your questions are answered and will be with you during all steps of buying real estate in Turkey and in your absence, on behalf of you would get your residence permit in Turkey, Turkish citizenship by investment or property. We experienced all the complexity and bureaucracy of purchasing property for sale in Turkey, Istanbul for foreign investor, and by knowing the problems of immigration to a exotic city in abroad, that is why we offer you our full dedication and expertise to make sure you always make the smartest decision when investing in real estate in Turkey. Our services is ONE-STOP-SHOP extend beyond helping you with buying property for sale in Turkey and moving; we also provide excellent property management, getting Turkish Citizenship by Investment, Getting residence permit in Turkey with noticeable advantages over other real-estate agencies in Turkey.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying a Property in Istanbul, Turkey

How To Get a Turkish Citizenship by Buying a Property in Istanbul?
To obtain citizenship by buying a house in Turkey, applicants must first select the desired property for purchase and investment. This property must be worth at least $400,000. It's best to use the advice and assistance of experts in this area. After choosing the desired property, the main applicant must open a bank account in Turkey. Also, you can buy several properties whose total value reaches $400,000. These properties can be among the houses under construction. Your property can be commercial or residential. When valuing the property, this amount must be above $400,000. Then, in the next step, all the expected documents and their translations should be prepared and submitted to the government. Afterward, the government reviews the application and asks the applicant and their family to attend in-person interviews at the relevant centers. Citizenship applications are usually reviewed within 120 days, and after this period, a citizenship permit is issued to the applicant. After presenting the citizenship card, people can also apply for their passports.
How much does Turkish citizenship by investment cost?
Obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment has different costs and methods that you can choose according to your needs. You can select one of the following methods.
  • Invest at least $400,000 in real estate
  • Invest at least $500,000 in fixed capital.
  • Deposit at least $500,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency or Turkish lira into a Turkish bank account.
  • Invest at least $500,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency or Turkish lira in Turkish government bonds.
  • Purchase shares of a real estate investment fund or venture capital
  • investment fund for at least $500,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency or Turkish lira.
  • Invest at least US$500,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency or Turkish lira in a private pension scheme for a minimum holding period of three years.
  • Creating jobs for at least 50 people with approval from the Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Services.
  • What Are The Advantages of Getting Turkish Citizenship by Buying a House in Istanbul?
    Obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment and buying a property in Istanbul has many benefits, which you will learn about below.
    • Access to 110 countries, including Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore, without a visa.
    • The possibility of living in a country that has a mild Mediterranean climate, beautiful scenery, and a high standard of living.
    • Full citizenship is granted to the applicant and their family members.
    • Qualify for an E-2 investor visa in the United States for a renewable five-year period.
    • Obtaining a Schengen visa in a short period. (Approximately two weeks)
    • The feasibility of company registration and free trade with America and Europe.
    • Benefit from free educational and medical services.