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To Expand Your Business Establish Partnership With Us

We collaborate with different partners and agencies from different countries on the world regarding Startup Turkey and Turkey immigration. No matter you are running small, medium or big sized-company, if you have prospectives or clients planning to invest or immigrate to Turkey you can request for partnership with INVESTANBUL..

How Do We Work With Partners ?

1White Label
In this scenario, we contract with your company and your company contracts with the client and then we work as your contractor by your brand in Turkey. We offer you the lowest possible price for requested services and you can offer the possible highest margin to your client. We completely know in team-work both sides get advantages of doing business.
2Commission Base
In this scenario, after finalization of sale through your client we will directly contract with your client and through contract price you will receive highest possible commission. By considering the fact that, in some cases it s not possible to set up an certain price on the other hand some project nature is commission-based.
3Client Refferal
In this scenario, your company passes the client information and we contact and contract directly with the client and we pay your company or agency a commission as we compromised in advance.

Our potential partner from different country, whose working in legal service, companies has potential client regarding Turkey or companies interested in expanding their business to Turkey can have contact with us through their inquiries details and investment

You would get full support about legal service in Turkey and your client would faced with completely customer satisfaction, you will be updated through all steps of legal process such as immigration process, business startup and investment in Turkey