Conditions Of A Short-term Turkish Residence Permit And Turkish Visa

Conditions of a short-term Turkish residence permit and Turkish visa

Turkish residence permit , Turkish visa

Conditions Of A Short-Term Turkish Residence Permit and Turkish Visa

A. You need to submit the information and documents as required for applying for a short-term Turkish residence permit or for a Turkish visa along with the application;

B. Not to apply through the foreigners who are not permitted to enter Turkey or to have a Turkish residence permit;

  1.  Persons not having valid passport, travel document, a Turkish visa, a residence or a work Permit or such documents or deceptive permits obtained or any other false documents permits;
  2.  All travel documents and Turkish visa which expires 60 days prior to the expiry date of the visa and visa exemption or the Turkish residence permit;
  3.  Those foreigners who are listed in paragraph in one of the Article 15 without prejudice and are exempted from issuing Turkish visa;

C. For those who live in conditions of accommodation confirming the general health and safety standards

D. For those who have criminal record and certificate in lieu of should be presented upon request from the competent authorities issued from the their counttry of citizenship or legal residence;

E. They should submit address proof of their stay in Turkey

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