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Family Residence Permit in Turkey

Family Residence Permit in Turkey

Regarding family residence permit in Turkey a Turkish citizens who fall under the Article 28 of Law No: 5901 or, foreigners holding one of the residence permit in Turkey, refugees and sub-sidiary protection beneficiaries, foreign spouse, foreign children who is immature, foreign minor dependent children who is mature of the sponsor are eligible for grant of Family Residence Permit in Turkey.

The sponsor mentioned above should have monthly income of not less than the minimum wage in total and not less than the minimum wage per each family member. Should have a coverage of medical insurance of all family members and a criminal record certificate has to be submitted and not having committed any crime against family members. Should have been residing in Turkey for at least 1 year on residence permit in Turkey and should have been registered with address based registration system.

Holders of right under the age of 18 of primary and secondary educational institutions need not apply for student resident permit as they become entitles to Family Residence Permit. Those who have stayed in Turkey for a period more than three years and has attained the age of 18 and who is on Family Residence Permit may apply for transfer of Short-Term Residence Permit


Eşli evlilik durumunda, eşlerden birine ve tüm çocuklar için bir aile oturma izni verilebilir .

A family residence permit is issued for only 2 years of maximum duration and will not exceed in the case of sponsor’s residence permit.

Divorce of foreign spouse of a Turkish citizen will be issued short-term permit considering the period of stay up to three years on Family Residence Permit in Turkey depending upon the foreign spouse is not victimized in domestic violence, in that case three years residence shall not be sought.

The residence permit an be cancelled in the case of the foreigner having stayed out of Turkey for more than on hundred eighty days during the year and if it is determined before submitting application that the purpose of marriage was for granting of Residence Permit then the same is bound to be cancelled as per conditions laid in paragraph one and three of Article 35.

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