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Incentives Taxes in Turkey

taxes in turkey

Taxes in Turkey | Tax Incentives

  • Prioritized development zones about taxes in Turkey
  • Technology development zones
  • Organized industrial zones
  • Free zones
  • Research and development
  • Private educational corporations
  • Cultural investments and enterprises
  • Loan allocation
  • Turkish International Maritime Sector Incentives

Taxes in Turkey | Tax Exemptions and Allowances

VAT exemptions include but are not limited to the following transactions:

  1. Export of goods and services.
  2. Roaming services rendered in Turkey for customers outside Turkey (i.e. non-resident customers) in line with international roaming agreements, where a reciprocity condition is in place.
  3. Petroleum exploration activities exemption for taxes in Turkey.
  4. International transportation.
  5. Deliveries made to diplomatic representatives, consulates and international organizations with tax exemption status and to their employees.
  6. The supply of machinery and equipment, including importation, to persons or corporations that are VAT taxpayers and that have an investment certificate issued by the relevant authority.
  7. Services rendered at harbors and airports for vessels and aircraft in terms of taxes in Turkey.
  8. Social and other exemptions apply to deliveries made to the government and other related organizations for cultural, educational, health and similar purposes.
  9. Banking and insurance transactions are exempted from VAT as they are subject to a separate Banking and Insurance
  10. Transactions Tax at a rate of 5%.
  11. Tax exemptions are provided for earnings derived by corporations from their overseas branches and both their domestic and overseas ventures if they meet certain conditions.
  12. Research and development allowances.Deductions from the tax base of corporations related to certain donations, aid or sponsorship expenditures for sport activities.

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