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Indefinite Work Permit in Turkey 2019

The foreigners who have been living in Turkey continuously and legally for 8 years or being working by total period of 6 years may granted a work permit Turkey without any terms and unconsidering of the industrial market. the given Indefinite Work Permit in Turkey would not restrict with any certain geographical area, job, and operation

In order to get a Indefinite Work Permit in Turkey for an indefinite period of time, the applicant has to provide the ministry with evidence approving uninterrupted and legal residence for at least 8 years in Turkey which is obtained from the related police department. The certificate along with other required documents have to submit during the application.

In the evaluation of application regarding fulfillment of 8 years of residency, the period passed during education will not take into consideration. however, the educational period of foreigner spouse and children who have come to Turkey together with the foreigner, have resided together with the foreigner at the same time, are considered as residence terms.

The residence permit periods, who have been given the work permit Turkey without terms, shall be determined by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in accordance with the regulations related to the foreigners’ residence and voyages in Turkey.

The work permit without terms should be used depending on the residence permit unless there is any change in its scope.

In the condition that the police department does not extend the periods of residence permits given based on any work permit without terms, the Ministry shall be informed.

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