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What is Long-Term Residence Permit in Turkey?

Long Term Residence Permit in Turkey

Those except foreigners who undergo conditions laid down by Migration Policies Board, who have been in staying in Turkey for the last eight years on a work permit and if it is still continuing, without receiving any social assistance for the past three years with adequate or regula income source and possses a valid health insurance without giving any threat to the public order and security, they will be issued “Long Term Residence Permit in Turkey” by the governors on approval of he Ministry.

The term uninterrupted eight years of stay in Turkey on a permit is calculated as per the Article 38 of Law considering the half the time of student residence permit and the entire time of other residence permits are countable to acquire the rights with respect to social security, keeping in view of the applicable legislation governing the enjoyment rights, and to benefit from the same rights accorded to Turkish citizens as per the provisions of the laws regulating specific areas, and of compulsory military service, the right to vote and be elected, entering public service and exemption from custom duties when importing vehicles.

  • The cancellation of Long Term Residence Permit in Turkey as per the article of Law applies to those foreigners who stay out of Turkey for more than a year on the grounds of health, education, and compulsory public service in his/her country, or they possess a serious public security or public order. These cancellation is done on the approval of the Ministry of governship for Long-term residence permit. This applies to re-application for Long-term residence permit also.
  • Re-application process for cancelled Long Term Residence Permit in Turkey will also be undertaken at the embassies abroad and will be made to the governor in the country by not considering the courtesy of contineous eight years service in Turkey. These applications are considered for finalization of Long-term residence permit on the priority basis with in the month.

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