A Step-by-step Guide To Buy Property In Beyoğlu Istanbul

Project Type
306,000 USD
City CenterEconomicFamily Concept

Blue HausModern Residential Complex In Beyoğlu Istanbul

Total Units 89
Delivery Date March 2024
1696 m2
306,000 USD
275,000 USD
City CenterEasy AccessEconomic

Golden HausResidential Complex with a Unique Bay View in Beyoğlu Istanbul

Total Units 46
Delivery Date 12/2024
1000 m2
275,000 USD
508,000 USD
City CenterFamily ConceptHigh Capital Growth

Paşa HausRevolutionary Hybrid Apartment for Sale in Beyoğlu Istanbul

Total Units 950
Delivery Date Ready to Move
82000 m2
508,000 USD
City CenterInvestmentReady To Move

Taksim HausBuy the only quality Apartment for sale in Taksim Istanbul

Total Units 952
Delivery Date
Apartment, Office
165000 m2

Benesta Haus

Total Units 245
Delivery Date 1 DEC 2019
7000 m2

A step-by-step guide to buy property in Beyoğlu

The great city of Istanbul is one of the most historical cities in the world and has one of the most beautiful natures, as this city is between the two continents of Asia and Europe. In Istanbul, the tourism industry is one of the most prosperous in this country, and this city is one of the most visited cities in the world. For this reason, there are many amenities and entertainment services in Istanbul. If you plan to live in Istanbul or have traveled to Istanbul even once, you have heard the name of Beyoğlu. Beyoğlu district in the city of Istanbul is a residential area with 45 separate and independent neighborhoods and a population of about 300,000, among the most famous districts of Istanbul, which is the destination of many tourists who visit this city, so sometimes the traffic of tourists is so high that the population of Beyoğlu reaches several million people during the day. Also, almost all immigrants are very interested in buy property in Beyoğlu. In this article, we will examine the different aspects of Istanbul that you should know before buy property in Beyoğlu. Also, buy property in Beyoglu can be a unique long-term investment.

Information you should know before buy property in Beyoğlu

Beyoğlu is one of the old regions of Istanbul, and its history dates back to several hundred years ago. Due to its proximity to the Bosphorus and its location in the heart of Istanbul, the government has paid special attention to the infrastructure of this area, such as transportation, amenities, etc.

History of the Beyoğlu District

This region is in the western part of Istanbul and the European part. In the past, Beyoğlu was a place of residence for many immigrants, most of whom were people from Greece and other countries that were around. During the Byzantine Empire, the population of Muslims and Turks in the Beyoğlu region was very slight, and most of its inhabitants included Venetians, Armenians, and Greeks who immigrated to Byzantium. The main reason for this is the proximity of the Beyoğlu region to Galata Tower. Galata Tower is a place of traffic for merchants from different countries. And the settlement of the foreigners in the Beyoğlu region forced the Ottoman Empire to develop cities similar to European cities. Around the 1800s, this city was introduced as the equivalent of the city of Paris in the eastern lands.

There are various stories about the name of this region, but the most famous of them is related to an ambassador from Venice, Italy, in the Ottoman government, who had a close relationship with the sultan of that time. This ambassador addressed the son of the Ottoman sultan as Beyoğlu or “the son of the master” and since then this name was registered in the region. But before that date, especially during the Byzantine Empire, the word “Pera” was also used abundantly, which disappeared over time. Among the remaining works of this name, we can mention a hotel called Pera Plus, which is one of the historical monuments.

Geographical location and accessibility

This area is in the northern part of the Golden Bay of Istanbul and is connected to the historical part of Istanbul by the Galata Bridge, where the Sultanahmet neighborhood and the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul are. This region is adjacent to the famous kağithane region in the northwest, in the north with the famous Şişli region, in the east with the Bosphorus Strait and Boğaziçi Bridge and Beşiktaş region, which has a football team, and in the west with Istanbul Bay. Most of the people who travel to Istanbul also travel to the Beyoğlu region at least once. This famous and popular region has 45 independent neighborhoods, and the most famous of them are Taksim Square and İstiklal Avenue.
The population of Beyoğlu residents is estimated to be more than 225,000, but due to the high volume of tourists who come to this area daily and nightly, sometimes the population of Beyoğlu reaches more than 1 million people in 24 hours, most of them are commuting. The region of ​​Beyoğlu is 8 square kilometers, which is small compared to other regions, and considering the population in this area, its density is very high. The transportation system in Beyoğlu is highly engineered and advanced considering that it is in the center of Istanbul. In this region, you can travel to any part of the city in the shortest possible time using public transportation at the lowest possible cost. you can find all type of apartments for sale in Istanbul by clicking this link.

Beyoğlu amenities

Taksim Square, which is the largest square in Istanbul, is located in front of the Atatürk Cultural Center. This square is at the end of the famous İstiklal Avenue. In the middle of Taksim Square, the memorial statue of the Republic of Turkey founded by Atatürk is built, and the main metro station of Istanbul is also around Taksim Square. Because of these important things, Taksim Square is known as the beating heart of Istanbul. Tramlines, which were one of the main pillars of transportation, now became a tourist attraction that goes from Taksim Square to the end of İstiklal Avenue.

Galata Tower, which is one of the other tourist attractions in Turkey, was built around 7 centuries ago. The Galata Tower, which is about 70 meters high, was used to guard the city of Constantinople in the past, but today it is known as a tourist symbol of Istanbul. This tower with the name of Christ was built for the Byzantine Empire, which today has become the tallest tower in Istanbul.

Due to the high population density in this area, all the necessary facilities, including educational and training facilities, health and medical services, a suitable transportation system, etc. have been provided. Among the most prominent health centers in this region, we can mention Okmeydani Teaching and Research Hospital and St. George Austrian Private Hospital. In terms of educational facilities, three of the best universities in Istanbul are in this region, including the Dolapdere branch of the University of Science, Istanbul City University, and ITU Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Buy property in Beyoğlu and investing

This region is one of the most expensive areas of Istanbul to live in, and the cultural fabric in this region is mainly rich people and people with high incomes in society. Many people who intend to buy  property in Beyoğlu are suitable because of this cultural context. The average area of ​​properties in this region is about 95 meters. An important point to note is that most of the properties in this region have an old texture, but new and beautiful modern projects can also be found.

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