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On Rights Entitled by Residence Permit Application Document

On Rights Entitled by Residence Permit Application Document

Foreigners who have completed within the framework under the Law’s Article 22 are eligible for the residence permit application to be done from Turkey on renewal or Article 24 on the renewal of the residence work permits.

There are certain principles on filling the application of Residence Permit along with the rights provided by;

a. Foreigners are allowed to stay in Turkey till their application is processed and completed.

b. They are allowed to exit from border gates with their application documents provided they should have completed the payment of residence fees. This shall not apply to those foreigners who are exempted from fee as per the statement. Foreigners should return to Turkey within fifteen days from the date of exit from Turkey as the terms of visa permit shall expire and the period of residence permit still continues.

c. Article (b) is applicable as per provision for the stay of ninety days of one hundred and eighty days is reserved.

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