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Short-Term Turkish residence Permit in Turkey

turkish residence permit

Short-Term Turkish residence Permit and its Requirements

The requirements for achievement of short-term Turkish residence permit

Before granting short-term Turkish residence Permit the following conditions are considered:

  1. To submit supporting documents for their stay in Turkey and Turkish residence permit along with the applicaion.
  2. Having abented themselves for was not allowed to enter Turkey as per Article 7 of Law.
  3. Foreigners living conditions should be free from genereal health and safey standards
  4. To submit criminal record certificate for any criminal offence coommitted in the country of his citizenship or legal residence upon address of stay in Turkey.


  1. Visiting Turkey to conduct scientific research
  2. If he is a owner of immovable property in Turkey
  3. If has has established business or commercial connections
  4. Visiting Turkey for participating on-the-job training programs
  5. Visits Turkey to attend educational or similar programs as apart of student exchange programs or agreements to which the
  6. Republic of Turkey is a party to.
  7. Visits Turkey for tourism purposes (with clarification of duration of stay for living and the residence of where they intend to stay.
  8. Visits Turkey for medical treatment without posing any public health treat.
  9. Any request granted by the Judicial authorities for the decision pending or by the administrative authorities.
  10. Willing to transfer from family residence permit to short-term residence permit.
  11. Foreigners willing to study Turkish language course (they are allowed residence permit only twice).
  12. If the foreigner visit Turkey for education program, research, internship, or any course through public agency.
  13. If a foreigner applies for short term residence permit within six months from the date of graduation for higher education program in Turkey and that too residence permit can be granted for one time in a year period.

If a foreigner had stayed more than 120 days in a year outside Turkey and if any decision for removal or entry ban in Turkey is implemented upon him, if the residence permit is utilized outside Turkey for some other purpose in that case the short-term turkish residence permit will be rejected, cancelled and shall never be renewed.

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