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Becoming a sponsor for family residence permit in Turkey and conditions

Who can become a sponsor for the family residence permit:

The following members as stated below can become the sponsor for the family residence permit and also those who wish to undertake the expenses of the foreigners who wish to come to Turkey. Those who are referred as “supporter” as per the application as per resident permit application come to Turkey for the family reunification purposes.

  1. A Turkish citizen
  2. A Blue card holder,
  3. Holder of any residence permit,
  4. International protection applicants and conditional refugees having Identity card pursuant to the law for substituting for residence permit;
  5. Holders of subsidiary protection status and Refugees.

The conditions asked for the sponsor application of family residence permit

The sponsors shall have to possess the following criteria:

  • Their monthly income should not be less than the minimum wage i.e. monthly net minimum wage for 2014 is 846,00 TL 282,00 TL for the year 2014 per family member;
  • Living accommodation should be conditionaly neat and clean with general awareness of health and safety standards for all the family members and having taken health insurance covering all famly members;
  • Shoud produce a criminal record certificate for not having convicted of any crime against family or others during the last five yeards for preceding the application;
  • Should have stayed in Turkey for the past one year on a residence permit;
  • Should have the original address proof registered with the address registration system;

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