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Student Resident Permit in Turkey for Study in Turkey

study in Turkey

Foreigners who are undergoing study in Turkey in any level of education are granted Student Residence Permit.

  • As per the laid down conditions on the Article 39 of the Resident Permits Law the foreigners who wish to study in Turkey and receive primary and secondary level education shall be granted one year student resident permit Turkey and can be renewed at the beginning of the next year course of their study in Turkey provided they fulfill the conditions as said above. (Those foreigners who have been granted residence permit who wish to receive and study primary and education level study can continue their education without having to get a residence permit till the age of 18 and it is necessary to apply for residence permit after the age 18 for those attending secondary level education).
  • Foreign students who wish to study in Turkey and attend an associate, undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, doctorate program, Specialist Training in Medicine or Specialist Training in Dentistry in Turkey, to attend the entire training period requested by students shall be granted Student Residence Permit.
  • Those students entering to Turkey wish to study with a purpose in the scope of EU Education and Youth Program (Erasmus + programs) are issued “Student Residence Permit” and for the other students ‘Short-Term Residence Permit” is issued.
  • Those foreign students who wish to enter Turkey for Turkish education (TOMER) or study in Turkey as per the Article 31 of Law considering to the situation apply for residence permits for TOMER, a “Long Term Residence Permit” is issued for one year or twice as mentioned.

It has been provided in the law that those students in the future who wish to apply for Student Residence Permit can apply from their province as the application has been made incorporated and domestic, but as per the 5510 law applying for Student Residence Permit should have “”public health insurance: within 3 months from the first date of registration on demand. Before the residence permit reaches the expiry date, applications for renewal of the same has to be submitted prior to 60 days period of leave to the governorates (province police headquarters) failing which if the applications are not made in time and not presented an acceptable excuse, deportation of students may occur.


Students who wish to start working while undergoing study in Turkey like under-graduate, graduate program, post graduate or doctorate programme may do so after obtaining a work permit.

Foreign students meeting the requirement of the situation and attending special context of any higher education institution will be granted “Short-term residence permit” in Turkey.

The students who are not continuing their education and the student resident permit in Turkey is being used for other than the purpose it is issued for and is being used for remaining in Turkey, “The Student Residence Permit” will be cancelled officially by the governorship with the above said evidence.

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