The Rules Against The Foreigners Who Has Made A Residence Permit Application And Gone Abroad Without Waiting For Issuance Of The Residence Permit Document In Turkey? | HausBiz

The Rules against the foreigners who has made a residence permit application and gone abroad without waiting for issuance of the Residence permit document in Turkey?

The foreigners, who have applied and submit their documents for a residence permit in Turkey and left Turkey for short period of time by intention of returning back without waiting for the issuance of the permit documents, may leave Turkey within the residence permit duration by holding application document and fee receipts without paying a fine on the residence fee,(except for those who are stated in the document to be exempt from the fee), and may enter into the country without requesting a visa even if they are citizens of a country subject to visa, in subject to they return back within fifteen (15) days. (This implementation is valid until 31 December 2014.)

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