Exemption For Turkey Entry Visa Obligation By Foreigners To Enter

Exemption for the turkey entry visa obligation by Foreigners to Enter into Turkey

turkey entry visa

Turkey entry visa obligation by Foreigners and What are the situations that has exemption from International Protection Act as exceptional?

A) Compelling reasons for turkey entry visa

To foreigners in vehicles are forced to use Turkish air and sea ports because of Weather conditions, such as technical problems that might occur in vehicle accidents and compelling reasons, at the entrance to Turkey and to be limited to the port city, during compelling reasons, are allowed to enter to the country without visas being sought by the governers and reported to the Ministry.

B) turkey entry visa without a visa for tourist purposes from the sea ports.

The governorship grants visa-free entry to the foreigners arriving by sea transport, not to exceed seventy-two hours just to be valid at the sea ports in order to visit the port city or surrounding provinces for tourism. As a rule, turkey entry visa passports of those people will not be taken when they enter the country. However, their passports will be “Port City Permit” is issued who are considered to be subject to irregular migration in our country by the responsible officials at the port of entry and exit control and given back at exit. These foreigners can only exit from the port they enter.Otherwise, the foreigner will be charged to a transit visa fees. Foreigners who elapse seventy-two hours of time,will be charged for entry visa fees.

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