What Is Turkey Visa Requirements Purpose Of "90/180 Days"

What is Turkey visa requirements purpose of “90/180 Days” application and Exceptions?

Turkey visa requirements purpose

The aim of turkey visa requirements of “90/180 Days” is applied for residence permit of the foreigners who will stay longer than the time of visa or the time provided by visa waiver in Turkey.

as a result Turkey visa requirements says more tourism purposed visit by visa or visa waiver while preventing the misuse of benefits to foreigners. In this context, according to Turkey visa requirements, if foreigners who have completed 90 days of duration in 180 days want to stay in our country for more than this time, it is essential to get a residence permit for one of the residence permits conditions they have.

Exception to Turkey visa requirements, the rule ” 90/180 Days” on visas for Turkey?

The exception to the rule of provision “ninety days in a hundred and eighty days” which is one of Turkey visa requirements is applicable and implemented for foreigners subject to their visa requirements and following are the scope of this application of exception:

  • Those who have a valid residence or work permit.
  • All (blue card holders) who wish to quit Turkish citizenship should obtain a concern from the Government.
  • Resident permit holders who are exempted through bilateral or multilateral agreements made with the Republic of Turkey (such as the NATO force elements).
  • For those who carry documents showing their status showing as diplomatic and consular officers in Turkey, limited to children with their spouses and their dependents, the family approved by Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported.
  • Those whose are determined by agreement (people should carry documents showing their status) who are representatives of international organizations working in Turkey.
  • Identity card holders of stateless person.
  • Those ones who have certificate of registration for international protection application.
  • Those owners who have application of for international protection with the identification.
  • Those owners who have international protection status with the identification Turkey visa requirements.

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