Visa Requirements Turkey For Re-enter By Violation Of¨90/180 Days

Re-enter by violation of visa requirements turkey ¨90/180 Days Rule¨

turkey immigration or visa

turkey immigration or visa

Visa Requirements Turkey for Re-entering Turkey by violation of 90/180 days Rule

visa requirements Turkey For the foreigners who have completed period of 90 days during 180 days period and trying to re-enter Turkey, they will be allowed to enter by respecting visa requirements Turkey as long as foreign person declare to get a residence permit application during ten days (10) after date of entrance. On the other hand there must no prevention exist from entry of them. In accordance with the general provisions, foreigners who accept visa requirements turkey the matters specified in printed form given, it is introduced to the input process in the frame of this context.

What will happen if foreigners who have completed their length of stay period “ninety days in a hundred and eighty days” in the country and didn’t apply for residence permit application in tens days after their entrance to turkey without attention to visa requirements Turkey?
Those who have not applied for a residence permit within ten days, will be deemed infringement of residence permit from the date of entry.

Is there any criminal proceedings be applied to people who exceed their visa, visa exemption, work permit or residence permit duration more than ten days?
The decision of entry ban taken for the foreigners that exceeds the duration of visa, visa exemption, although work permit or the residence permit more than ten days and came to the border crossings themselves before the decision to deport him however, foreigners who violated the period of visa and visa requirements Turkey, visa exemption,work permit or residence permit pay penalty fees. Also in total 6 month foreigners must consider visa requirements Turkey which they can stay in Turkey at most 90 days. as a result when you apply for residence permit or getting appointment from immigration department, you are not supposed to stay in turkey more than 3 month during last 6 month, if you have done you will penalized by money.

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