Visa Requirements For Turkey, Visa Conditions To Be Given Border

visa requirements for Turkey and visa conditions to be given on the border crossings

Turkey Immigration

Turkey Immigration

Visa requirements for turkey conditions of the visas given on the border crossings

one of the visa requirements for turkey Having a passport or passport substitute document which has period at least sixty days longer than the requested visa period (This provision shall apply from the date of 01.01.2015).
the visa requirements for turkey Not having one of the diseases with epidemic potential that is defined in the Regulation of Health of the World Health Organization and classificated as a threat to public health.
On other of the visa requirements for turkey is to have a valid health insurance that is covering the period staying in Turkey
Justification purposes of introduction to Turkey, passing through Turkey or to base your stay in Turkey
according to visa requirements for turkey Visa is not issued to those who didn’t pay the penalties for the previous residence permit or visa violations or liabilities arising from other laws.

In which cases a visa is canceled?

  • lDetermining the subject of fraud,
  • Understood that erasure, scratching or alteration made,
  • Visa owner has the prohibition of the entry to turkey,
  • If there is a strong suspicion about committing a crime by the foreigner
  • Passport or passport substitute document to be false or termination of validity,
  • Misuse of the visa or visa waiver,
  • The conditions essential or valid documents for issuing a visa is found to be invalid,

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