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What is Humanitarian Residence Permit in Turkey

Humanitarian Residence Permit in Turkey

Humanitarian Residence Permit is issued for a maximum duration of one year at a time and renewed by the governorate other than the conditions of other types of residence permit and upon approval of the Ministry under the following cases;

  1. Upon considering the best interest of the child.
  2. Foreigners cannot be removed and their departure is not reasonable or possible.
  3. In the absence of a removal decision in respect of the foreigner as per Article 55
  4. Shifting the applicant to the first country of asylum or to a safe third country.
  5. In the case of a foreigner allowed to enter Turkey on emergency or in protection of the national interests under reasons of public order and security, in the absence of obtaining other residence permits du to their situation that precludes granting residence permits.
  6. Under any extraordinary circumstances.

The foreigners who are willing to apply for the Humanitarian Residence Permit should have to get registered with the address based registration system not later than 20 days of working days from the date of issue. Once the Humanitarian Residence Permit is issued foreigners can apply for residence permit on the conditions of permission except for long-term residence. Subject to the approval of the Ministry the Humanitarian Residence Permit can be cancelled and can never be renewed by the governorates on the compelling conditions no longer apply.

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