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Branch Office Registration in Turkey

In order to start up Istanbul, Turkey, Overseas companies whose their stock capital divided into shares are able to open a branch(es) in Turkey and obtain necessary permission from the ministry of commerce and industry in Turkey ( The ministry). After branch registration, the following processes are needed to get the approval of the Turkish Ministry

The following documents have to be prepared for company incorporation ( opening branch ) in Turkey

  • Petition
  •  Board of director(s) or authorized members decision on branch formation
  •  Article of association
  •  Current status documents regarding branch establishment
  • Power of Attorney related to representative residng in Turkey

After branch registration the following process are need the approval of the Turkish Ministry

  • Opening secondary branches ( company incorporation ) joined to the main branch
  • Changing the representative of company based in Turkey
  •  Rising the stock capital the branch(es) located in Turkey
  •  Liquidation /closing down of the branches ( company incorporation )
  •  Changing the address of company, title, business area of branch or company incoorporation

The following steps are required to registration of branch (company incorporation) in Turkey

  •  Application to Turkish ministry
  • Ratification of the required documents
  • Submission of documents to the trade registry office

Application to Turkish ministry

After determination of the authorized representative of foreign company in Turkey, then the necessary documents must prepare and submit to the directorate general of domestic trade of the ministry.

Ratification of the required documents

The public notary must apostilled ratify the required documents and then legalized by Turkish consulate in a country which company is based

Submission of documents to the trade registry office

Some forms and application must fill by authorized person and submit to the registry office for branch formation and start up Istanbul

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