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Liaison Office Registration in Turkey

Overseas companies can register a liaison office in Turkey by knowing this fact that those offices are not permitted to have any kind of commercial activities in Turkey business. In order to open a liaison office in Turkey business, the considering foreign company must apply to the Directorate General of Foreign Investment of the Undersecretariat of Treasury. The application of foreign company to register liaison office in Turkey in order to operate in a sector in accordance with special legislation such as capital market, insurance etc. will be investigated by related regulatory and supervisory authorities.

Required Documents for Liaison Office registration

the documents which must be submitted to the Directorate General of Foreign Investment are as following:

  •  The original copy of certificate of activity approved by Turkish consulate in the country of main company
  • Balance sheet or operational report and income statement of the main company
  • The original copy of Power of Authority which is issued to the person who is going to carry out the activity of liaison office
  •  The original copy of Power of Attorney once another person will perform the establishment process of liaison office in Turkey

Important Notice

The certain liaison office have to register to the local tax office and submit a copy of the Tax Office Registration Document to the Directorate General of Foreign Investment Treasury after obtaining establishment permit through the Directorate General

At most until end of May the Directorate General have to be informed by related liaison office regarding its previous year activities Turkey business that documents including:

  1. Data form for Liaison Office activities
  2. The documents proven that office expenses relating previous year are covered and transferred from abroad must be enclosed as well

The operation permit which is issued to liaison office is at most 3 years of Turkey business and any extension will be granted by investigating of previous year activities, the plans and objectives of the next year

The Termination and examination of Turkey business, note issued from the related tax office must be submitted to the Directorate General of Foreign Investment in the case a liaison office terminates its activities

Well Noted

  • Liaison Office can not claim to transfer any currency except for the residue money because of termination the process or liquidation in Turkey business

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