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Perfect Guidance for Doing Business in Turkey

Doing Business in Turkey

Best Use of Doing Business in Turkey

Find how to use your business in Turkey in an effective way

1. Establishing a holding company in Turkey for Doing Business in Turkey

A Turkish Holding company provides a greater advantage of generating global profits at the same time incurring less international taxes as:

  • All income on the dividends from various sources are completely exempted from tax;
  • Income received from selling the shares of a foreign company established in Turkey is exempted from tax;
  • The import and export duties implied is 0% as per the free trade agreements signed by Turkey with 22 countries;
  • Companies established and Doing Business in Turkey are exempted from the capital gains tax based on the terms and conditions that the assets had been held for a minimum of 2 years;
  • Companies can enjoy the benefit of withholding tax in Turkey as it has signed treaties with more than 76 international double tax.

2. Turkish Company for Tax Exemption

Many companies establish their headquarters in Turkey to get an exemption from tax for the funds extracted from European subsidiary companies as royalties, dividends or management fees.

3. Tax Advantages by Doing Business in Turkey

Any foreign company that is established for Doing Business in Turkey with at least $200,000 share capital i.e. 1,000,000 Turkish Lira can gain tax advantages along with:

  • Company registered in turkey can be eligible for partial exemptions on corporate tax and up to 50% on the rates;
  • For starting 10 years from the company incorporation, Turkey allows an exemption on withholding tax.

4. Great Platform for Doing Business

Turkey offers a great platform for investment to companies from various business segments which includes:

  • Offers a rapidly growing business segment with a growth rate of 325% from 2002. Companies investing in Turkey can expect best quality infrastructure and simple procedures for growing their reach;
  • Offers a booming $350 billion agriculture market ;
  • Offers constantly growing steel industry across Europe region which is now charted at the 10th position in the world;
  • Offers strong business segments like Transportation, Energy, and Telecommunication which is at par with several developed countries and ready investments from Turkey government

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