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Turkish Patent Registration

Turkish Patent Registration

Turkish Patent laws and Rules

Target of Turkish Patent registration
The objective of the Turkish patent regulation is to protect inventions by granting Patent and Utility Model Certificates to enable and encourage inventive activities which ultimately results in the technical, social and economic developments.

  1.  Patents
  2. Utility Model Certificates,

The Decree-Law contains the basic rules and conditions needed for qualifying for the issue of Patent or Utility Certificates to the inventions as per the industrial property right. The aim is to promote inventive activities which can be deployed in the industry and help in socio economic or technical development. Contact Us to learn more patent in Turkey


Who Should Register a Turkish Patent

The Turkish patent protection is granted to the legal and natural person who resides within the territory of Republic of Turkey or who has industrial or commercial establishments in the territory of Republic of Turkey. The application can be also filed by persons who are entitled as per the provisions of the Paris convention.


Who has a Right to a Turkish Patent Application

The right shall belong to a person who has invented or his successor in the title, and it is transferrable. In the case of inventions made by more than one person, if not aware by the parties, both parties have the right to request for the patent. In the case where the invention has been made independently by multiple people at the same time, then the right for a patent will belong to the person who first files the application or the person who claims earlier priority than others. The person who first applies for the patent will be provided with the right to request for the patent until there is a proof of the contrary to the established.

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